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Well here's my user page and a little bit about each of my many characters across all three of our maps. I'd like to point out i have never taken part and highly disagree with Zerging, my characters are always more than 2 suburbs away from each other at all times.



A level 21 survivor helping keep one of our great city's mansion (lord pitman's) safe from green hands!


An ex-death cultist, former member of the blood cult. He has a bounty on his head but does not want trouble, leave him alone and he'll leave you alone.


Zombie - that's all that needs to be said here


i have had many, many characters in M-ville, so i'll list the one's that are still alive today.

The Last Unlucky Guy

"This user is still active one month into the second quarantine"

He's run off into the distance, away from his group to make his fortune in the abandoned city, he took off from the remaining survivors, never to look back, maybe never to see them again.

He keeps a journal with him, he's going to record what he finds out in the wastes, for as long as he can.

Monroeville Journal

Day 1: Christmas Day

I ran from the guys today, said my short goodbyes and took off running, most of them were sleeping, wonder if Santa brought them something nice... Who know's if they'll even notice i'm gone? I never really did much for them, just did as I was told, we'll that's done now, i'm on my own, alone... i'm just going to keep running... I found somewhere to sleep for the night, the surrounding area looks safe, i'll sleep lightly tonight, no one watching the entrance like i'm used to.

Merry Christmas me! So much for watching the 'cades, i've found a whole crate of beer! I'll be drinking myself half to death tonight! I see myself ringing in the New Year here too... although i may have to find more beer... That's all i'm recording for today, tomorrow i'll write in again... should i make it through the night.

Day 3: Yesterday I happened upon a suburb lit up! i stayed the night and met the locals, we drank and for one night, all my troubles were gone. Today I awoke to a groaning noise, the Zombies had broken in, 6 OF THEM! I jumped next door to find the guy who did all the repairing had been killed. Sheer instinct took over and I ran for it, I kept running too. found an old building to sleep in. About 5 mins after, someone from the group had followed me, I guess I have a friend for the time being.

Day 6: New Years Eve.

We grab as much beer as we could before we scattered we didn't have enough beer to get drunk enough to forget our troubles, Happy New Year Monroeville, happy fucking new year.

Day 7: I think we made too much noise last night, a feral found us and let out a groan, we just ran for it and are sleeping in an empty bank.

Day 10: The zombies found us again, started biting one of my friends i healed him and we ran for it, still looking for somehwere to sleep...

Day 15: Met another survior today, he's joining us in our tour of duty across Monroeville.

Day 21: Zombies again, i think they can track us at long range somehow, same as before heal and run, but our supplies of FAKs is starting to diminsh. We can't keep this up forever


Three Dog

Disk master at GNR


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