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Character Class
Civilian, Consumer

None; all alone in Malton

One day at a time

To find my family

Survival Guide

Life in 'New' Malton

Though at a glance the city seemed ruined, there are people in many of the buildings still. Some of them are more accessible, while others are virtual fortresses. Unless you know what you're doing, finding admittance into one of them can be difficult. Still, life doesn't seem entirely impossible here, but it has also occurred to me that the people in these buildings that I've seen are holed up like rats, just waiting for that inevitable day of reckoning to come. I've figured that it's either best to keep constantly moving or to gain entry into one of the more secure looking buildings. Just be careful out there. Some of the groups tend to be a little paranoid.

Radio Free Malton

I spent a night at this auto repair shop and they had a radio in there. I think it was attuned to a frequency used by Fort Creedy, because all through the night I could hear military-like reports from across the local area. It was strangely comforting. I still haven't gotten myself a radio, but I'm planning to. Being able to hear people broadcast and keep contact like that is a pleasant reminder of civilization and probably more than a little useful.


Necrotech was always a corporation that had a lot of strange rumours attached to it. People talked about the strange experiments they were conducting and about its unethical business practises. It was always a bit strange listening to them talk, because my father was so closely associated with the firm.

Anyway, I learned about what the Necrotech employees call the Revivification Syringes. They can actually reverse the process of zombiefication and cure the condition. This gives me hope that even if my family has succumbed to the scourge, I can still heal them. Of course, the fact that Necrotech has such a cure available certainly raises questions about their part in the whole affair ...

Hippocratic Oath

I'm compelled to do my part in helping the people. In fact, even though I've been warned of some really bad people out there, I've decided to help everyone who is in need in Malton no matter who they are. I mean, we're all in this together and even if I end up running into some of these bad folks, I'll just hope they'll appreciate my help more than they would want to hurt me. It really seems that the zombies are not our only enemy here as neighbour turns against neighbour over petty strife. I'm hoping to stay clear of the drama. Here's hoping ...