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Pieces of Flare

July 1

Well, uh, more than two months have passed. Quick update: We cleaned up Yagoton (although it's currently a hell hole again), defused some light in Molebank (Still green! Wheeee!), bugged the RRF in Ridleybank (Blackmore finally fell, but not without assistance from a huge new horde at Nichols) and have since moved to Caiger to stock up on flares for the upcoming extravaganza. Even though, um, Brits don't celebrate the 4th of July.

Balesafe Mechanisms

April 19

We took, and are holding, Bale Mall. There was a little more to it than that, but yeah, I can't really believe it. Hopefully this won't mean the Whatmore falls.
See, it happened like this. First, a group struck an hour early by accident; they all died. But I think in the long run, it worked out, 'cus the zeds all APed out on the first wave. The second wave came sloooowly. I was the second one there, and I pretty much stayed active for the next 5 hours, until I was forced to flee at 2 HP. I APed out three times in buildings with one or two zombies before finally making it to a safehouse.
But I was good to go within a couple more hours (albeit still at 22 HP), and I stumbled back into bale to sleep. When I finally woke up, lo and behold!, there was almost a crowd! And a generator! And you were there! And you! And you...
Anyways, I could taste my own tears at finally being able to restock on FAKs. My next step is to load back up for a day, then take same aid to those poor sods still getting hammered in the Whatmore, then to stay there until the revive lines are a bit shorter.

Guerrilla Tactics in Yagoton; AKA, My Back Really Hurts

April 13

Er, um, oops. I missed the group raid on St. Cathy's. Of course, that also means I didn't die there. AND I got to kill my 3rd zombie, ever! Yeah!
Other than that, 'nother day, 'nother revive. Oh, earlier today, I managed to escape a few zombies. Like, they were gnawing on me, and then they gestured at me, and with a final burst of energy, I leaped to the next door building and safety. Unfortunately, until FAKs become a bit less rare, looks like I'll have a few scars.

April 12

Well, despite naming this section in anticipation of being dead quite often, I've done quite well. I've only died once or twice, and both times, revives have been speedy. Like, within a minute speedy. Wantmore is holding nicely. I can finally revive. Next move is on Friday. I don't really wanna leave, but I do need some FAKs. Probably three fifths of the building is injured. I'm one of the very few at full health.
Can't decide if I should keep reviving or start strafing in earnest. There certainly are plenty of revivers right now - but then, one more never hurts. I suppose I'll hold off 'til Friday and see what I can see.

April 3

S'hard to level when you're bein' all tactical and shit. GC is moving in soon (after pretty much everyone dieing again and temporarily moving into Chancelwood). I <3 Barricade strafing, I reeeeeally hope to do some. Even though that'll mean I level even slower. Still, the mission comes first!

March 26

Still healing the stuffing out of anyone and everyone in the area. Did some scouting around, our little slice of heaven is starting to look half decent. Only 18 FAKs left. Soon's I level, prolly gonna stop healing anyone but GCers or survivors at less than 35, as I'll have DNA extractors for xp. After that, if we haven't moved on to our next target, gonna make with the 'cade-strafing.

March 25

Huzzah! Revived by some rando! Fist order of business: Crawl back into our HQ and patch m'self up. After that, a little scouting, repaired an NT (which lasted all of like an hour), and then proceeded to heal the ever-living poo out of GCers and our cronies. FAKs used today: 12. Two more and I can level, but I can't in good conscience waste a FAK on someone with 57 or 58 HP.
Thus, I pray for a zombie break-in. Heh.
Oh, and someone turned on the lights inside the HQ. I'm a bit scared.
Hallelujah! Skitch stumbled in with zombie hickies all over the place! Of course, I quickly realize that, as I've decided to get a scientist skill next instead of a civilian one, I still can't buy a skill. But still! It's a celebration! Just like that city in Florida!

March 24

Welp, m'still dead. In an effort to not waste AP (but more because Lach told me to), I started the day by taking a stroll over to our next target to see if my teeth would fit in any zombie shoulders, but as it turns out, I haven't quite learned how to use my thumbs. Curse you, door knob!
After watching a Predator (From the movie Predator. I kid you not.) attack some zombies with disinterest, I wandered off to do some scouting which quickly turned into some light nibbling. Whoops. As soon as I had finished this and wandered back to our Revive Point, Lach told me some very specific things to do. It made me sad.

March 23

I've decided I need a boring chronicle of every silly little thing I do from now on. Why do I feel the need to do this? You are right to ask. After pondering the question for about 15 minutes, I have come to the conclusion that you are simply being nosy and I certainly don't need to be pestered every five minutes as I am very, very busy and could you possibly be a dear and pick up some bread from the store?
Aaaaanyways, GC is moving into Millen Hills with the goal of eventually making some zombies uncomfortable by bringing up a past that they'd just as soon forget, in spite of the cathartic effects reliving it could have on their psyche. In short, our aim is to bug them.
Unfortunately, pretty much half of the group is dead at the moment. Oh well. Today I shambled over to the group Revive Point and started making daisy chains while awaiting a revive from our illustrious pinko leader.

Rhodenbank/Nichols Mall

Orange Julius: Fruity? Funky!

March 7 as I hewed away at this zombie, it came to me! I can probably go inside any store I WANT in the mall! No longer am I bound to the chains of a window shopper! In other news: One of the shops has been decorated with a mouldering tapestry, a Greek tapestry, a stuffed moose head, a dark tapestry and a faded tapestry. So I guess Malton was pretty big on Carole King, then?

March 5

[Peers towards Giddings Mall through a telescope made out of an old cardboard paper towel tube and a magnifying glass] If there's one thing worse than the zombies running loose in a ransacked mall, it's the havoc that their coming brings to the Mall's wiki page. Lordy, somebody call the paramedics. Or at least an editor. Gag me with a spoon!

March 3

Ugh, Mall Muzak is horrendous. At least there's a foodcourt here, though.

March 1

I'm not long for this 'burb. Soon's I make enough mixtapes to get me outta here, I'm Nichols-bound, 'cus I don't even have to walk, don't even have to drive, just slide, glide, slippity-slide and it's so long Mall Tour, hello Ghetto Cow.

February 28

You'll never believe the idea I had today. Maybe, just maybe, I can stop zombies from getting inside a building by putting stuff in front of the door! Who knew!
Orthopedic Shoes: NOT FUNKY.

February 27

Well that was NOT Kool, and it certainly wasn't The Gang. Four days on your back will REALLY make your feet tingle when you finally get up again. Pins and needles nothin', this is some Jesus-Spikes and pitchforks stuff! Well, I finally got on up so I could do it fluid, but it seems two malls have already been taken over by zombies - and they've started selling orthopedic shoes. The horror! Hopefully, after a little rest, I can ask the salesmen to reach some Doc Marten's on the top shelf and when he's not lookin', bash 'em on the back of the head with my Fire Axe of +3 Funk - which, somehow, will help me learn construction.

Stickling Mall

February 23

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. In an ultimate homage to James Brown, I too joined the ranks of the dead. If it's funky enough for him, it's funky enough for me. But he, in his divine wisdom, saw that my hand wasn't yet stamped for that house party, and sent me to Male Way. Staggering around, barely able to even two-step, I finally managed to climb into the Nesbit building, where I wait, plotting a new groove of the most unflappable kind.

February 22

Oh Lordy lordy lordy, I'm a-shakin' in my moon-boots. I woke up (which I suppose is more than many can now say) to see the population down to 61, with 17 zombies leering and making suggestive gestures. And me with only two funky cold medinas! But before I could even bust a move and let the healing power of dance do its thing, Tony Orlando (only deader) and his crew started knockin' three times on the door! While I didn't have any pipes to bang on, I did my best with what I had. I was just about to give 'em what-for, when I saw that they had chosen a target. I did my best shudder step with a twist, but it was no use. While the czarina may not have been moved by my moves, the zombies sure were. In a bad way. Forced to retreat to Dr. Robert's place, I was able to scrounge up a working record player and a badly scratched Kool & the Gang album, which kept me going long enough to return to Whippey, where I will contine poppin', sockin' and lockin' (with a side of hip hop) until the green ones boo me off stage.

February 21

Since I woke up in this stankhole, I've seen half a dozen zombie break-ins in about an hour and a half, and seen the number of survivors drop from 117 to 85. I myself have been bitten four times. Efforts to keep it funky aside, I'm scared, son. Real scared.

February 18

Look-Ka Py Py out, I just slapped down my first zombie ever. It's a gawdamn funky miracle!

February 17

Every night I sleep in Whippey, I expect to wake up hummin' Time of the Season, but I guess James Brown looks down and abides, 'cus I'm still here. In the words of Mr. Ron Burgundy, "By Odin, how much longer are these damn zombies going to keep this up? We're running low on scotch..."

February 16

To all the disco fans that can't get enough Gloria Gaynor, I think you'd do well to be aware of this: Mall Tour '07/X:00. I think those silly dancers from Thriller are gonna step it up pretty soon.
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