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Ud angelamaria.jpg
Joined 2006-02-11 08:55:45
Status Alive; active
Profile angelamaria
Occupation Human Necrotech Employee, Level 16
Reviver at the Santlerville Cemetery
Primary location Santlerville
Affiliations Unaffiliated
Favorite equipment Revivification syringe; revives: 61
Weapon of choice Shotgun; kills: 11

Hello. I'm angelamaria, just another one of us trying to make a difference in this damned, forsaken city. I can hear the bell tolling.

Personal plans

Get better at combat. Too many rotters and ferals standing in the Santlerville Cemetery and other revive points, I'm sure they could use a good bullet or two. Continue reviving -- that's priority over anything else.

-- Angela 09:36, 14 May 2006 (BST)

Skills acquired


Please note that the journal contents are posted from the most recent entry down to the first entry in the journal.

May 31, 2006 : Exhausted

'Managed to stumble to the church before I passed out. I hope this place is safe, or I'm dead. Shot two zombies over at the warehouse at Gibsonton -- damn I'm tired.

...napped for an hour or so and shuffled over to the mall.

May 30, 2006 : Same old

Just checking in; suburb rather quiet. This feels good.

May 26, 2006 : Routine re-established

So now I'm back to "regular" or "quiet" routine; no revive requests at the cemetery and I just either stock up on supplies, or go out and shoot some zombie's brains out. I got better at pistols!

May 23, 2006 : Mmm, yes, shotgun

Did a few more runs with my shotgun -- I'm liking it a lot. Hee! I still love my trusty pistol but shotguns are FUN.

The Santlerville Cemetery is empty. All dead bodies -- hopefully some of them are in the process of revivification?

May 21, 2006 : Shotgun thoughts

I'm starting to like my shotgun a bit more each day. There's are brain rotter over at the Santlerville Cemetery, and no records to check against, hence I can't revive for now. Damn rotters. I feel like bringing my shotgun over there and blasting some brains out, but of course I'll probably end up killing innocent people waiting for revives as opposed to actual rotters. So I'm not doing it. :p

May 17, 2006 : Combat isn't for the weak

Or, well, that's what they always say. Late yesterday I woke up to a lot of commotion because The Dewes Building was breached and there were zeds. Still half-groggy, I rushed to look for pistol clips, but got only one round -- I finished the round off, but the inhabitants were still in bad shape -- no barricades and lots severely wounded. I didn't have enough first aid kits, either, dammit. I stumbled back to safety and rest a while, and I woke up early today again to people trying to mobilize everyone to protect the NT.

I had no clips, and plenty shotgun shells but no shotgun. I spent almost the whole morning looking for something to use, and dammit, only came up with another empty pistol and plenty shotgun shells... until I got a shotgun. I wasn't as good with the latter so I kept looking for clips, but the day was waning and I could hear the sounds from the NT, so -- what the hell -- I rushed in. Thankfully I did get to kill one zed off using the shotgun -- nothing like the real world for shotgun training, eh?

It was rather heavier though -- so after killing off that one zombie, dumping the body, and attempting to maim the last one left, I had to go back to safety, and alert the others. The Dewes Building needs barricades, goddammit.

And yes, I wasn't able to revive today. I had no syringes left, and I certainly wouldn't be able to look properly with the damned zombie hovering over me.

May 16, 2006 : Busy day

Still working. The buildings directly to our north have been wiped out, so the Santlerville Cemetery is obviously full. So many people dead!

May 14, 2006 : Syringe wastage

Wasted a perfectly good syringe on a rotter at the Santlerville Cemetery. Dammit. Unloaded a few pistol clips at the zeds crowding around The Heckworthy Towers and warned the people inside, and headed back to homebase.

May 13, 2006 : Things seem like they're heating up

Not entirely sure, but I hear a lot more people talking and a lot of... scary things seem to be happening. Barricades getting weakened, numerous zeds near Dowdney Mall -- and the lines are still long at the Santlerville Cemetery. I keep telling myself I have to do something like stock up on supplies first (pistol clips, first aid kits, and syringes -- my usual arsenal) but with the queue over at the cemetery?

Human lives are always more important than anything else. If you leave them dead for too long, they'll lose hope, and that's pretty bad practice. Damn. Need more syringes! Santlerville seems like SUCH a disjointed suburb, too.

May 12, 2006 : Damned malevolent zeds

So I went to the Santlerville Cemetery to do my round of reviving when I get attacked almost the second I got there. Unfortunately I panicked and wasn't able to note down who it was. Revived three people I've checked the Necronet for, and quickly left to get myself healed up (thank you, P!). It really did spoil my day -- but I spose there's nothing you can do at times like those but do your job and leave.

I finally got rather good at bargaining for items as well, so yay for that. I have to get myself some ammunition -- I've since been quite out of pistol clips, and I don't plan on going all the way to the PD in the north east just to get free clips. Maybe I should switch to shotguns -- I have lots of shells but no shotgun. Hrrm.

May 10, 2006 : You search but find nothing

Damn. I spent all day looking for syringes but couldn't find any but two. I'd make my own but that would take me half a day! I nearly stubbed myself with one, too -- damn. Not that the zombies will mind a little contaminated needle, but who knows what will happen to the formula if the needle's contaminated? Who knows what will happen to ME, for that matter?

May 09, 2006 : Busy day

After cross-checking with our records, I went on to the cemetery to find the ones I could recognize, and revive those. I had five records cross-checked and only four syringes handy, sadly, and in any case after the last one, I was already pretty much faint and reeling from the effort -- I couldn't go back to the last. It makes me feel really bad to leave someone in the middle of all that death! (Not that the whole damned city isn't already in the thick of death, but you know what I mean.)

There are still a veritable mob of zombies waiting for revives at the cemetery, though. Damn. I have to get to them before they lose heart and all traces of their humanity!

May 08, 2006 : Humdrum

Life has settled... or, as much as it could in Malton, anyway. When I wake, I usually either search for syringes or go to the Santlerville Cemetery to see if there's anyone to revive. Recently the Church of the Resurrection's been here in Santlerville, so unless I can vouch for the zombie being revived, I'm holding off.

I don't know how long I can hold off, though, as I feel like I can see a glimmer of pleading in (some of the) the zombies I come across at the cemetery. It might be my imagination, of course, but a little hope is better than none at all.

March 05, 2006 : Stocking Up

...on syringes. I went out and used up my current three at Fishlock Monument, but the lines are still long there. Someone brain-rotted was also standing at the monument. Makes our jobs that much harder, sigh.

March 04, 2006 : The past few days

I haven't been feeling up to noting my actions for the past few days. I was staying over at The Cosenes Building, keeping an eye on The Fishlock Monument, and scavenging for flak jackets, when our safehouse was cracked. Cotterrell Crescent Police Department fell soon after.

Obviously I'm revived again, thank goodness. I've been doing some more healing, and now I can better see what's wrong with people. I've gone back to the cemetery, though, and have found someone who's also willing to maintain the revive points in the suburb -- thank goodness!

I still have to go look for spray cans and syringes though.

February 24, 2006 : The past few days

I've been doing a bit of scavenging and exploring for the past few days -- I now have three syringes and seven first aid kits. In addition to that I have two GPS units, a flare gun, another DNA extractor, and two pistol clips and shotgun shells. What am I supposed to do with all this junk? :p

Also, walking around, I see that The Fishlock Monument has been tagged as a revive point as well. No zombies there for right now, though. Hmm.

I've done my first revivification, complete with shaky hands. My line of work keeps me situated near zombies, so I'm not scared of benign ones at all -- but I don't want to mess revivification up at all. But it went well, and I hope he's doing fine. :)

Off to find more junk. I need a flak jacket.

February 20, 2006 : Couldn't help it.

I couldn't help it; I've gone back to Santlerville. I was thinking of making my way to Yagoton but well... whatever. I'll stay for a few more days and if seemingly nothing comes out of this, I'll head on up somewhere else.

I got my promotion as I said before -- yay! I can now revive people. I haven't tried yet, so I hope that will go well. I was finally able to find a first aid kit for myself, but I need to find a few more, I suppose.

People shouldn't be sleeping in resource builings, and people shouldn't keep barricading 'til no one can get in, dammit.

I'm thinking of maybe "moving" or creating another revive point somewhere near the vicinity of St. Columbanus's Hospital. Maybe The Finch Monument?

February 19, 2006 : Moving around.

I'm currently in The Muttlebury Arms, in Huntley Heights. Mostly just doing some moving around and working, as I'm not entirely sure if Santlerville is still a good place to be around these days. Or maybe I just lost confidence in the zombie hunters not respecting the Sacred Ground Policy. :/ This is why society and the whole city is going down, in my opinion. Sigh.

Maybe I shall go back to Santlerville; the sounds I kept hearing back there also disturbed me, I think. Lots of groaning, from all directions, that I had no idea where to run for a safehouse to stay in. I suppose I got cold feet.

I think I'll be due for a bit of promotion in a while. Now, if I can only acually FIND enough first aid kits, you know?

Well, I'm tired and I need a bit of rest. Thankfully, Bluff healed me back to almost-full health a while ago after popping in for a spell here at the Arms. I feel much better, and I also smell better -- that whole night in the graveyard resting is bad for anyone's hygiene.

Heh. Being a zombie for long is bad enough hygiene, after all.

February 18, 2006 : Alive again!

I have been having a hard time going back to the Santlerville Cemetery. The place is littered with zombie hunters, and I have been killed three times while a zombie on my way to the revive point. I should have conserved my energy instead of making a mad dash back home, but now I know better. Thank you, G to the C, for reviving me, wherever you are now. (I woke up a little as I was revived, but I desperately need rest, so I will stay lying down for a while. The stench is horrible, but if it will keep me alive until I find a safehouse, I'll endure it.)

There are 14 other dead bodies here, or seemingly dead. I'm hoping a few are also just sleepers, but I don't know for sure. Someone's spraypainted "Headshot point here" on the larger gravestones. The revive point will either have to be moved, or have more people helping out. :/ I could see two zombies in The Pace Monument when I just arrived, but now there is just one.

February 17, 2006 : Mrh?


February 16, 2006 : Tired...

Found a NecroTech building. The Fildes Building, I think. Doors wide open. I need to close it. But I'm too tired...

I think I will be dead by morning.

February 16, 2006 : Notley Walk Fire Station breached!

I managed to run to Club Scanlon, no barricades, but the doors are closed. I need to rest. Two dead, including AtticusLockdown, killed by the same lone zombie. I hope the others get out quickly. I'm dead if any zombie follows me tonight; I have to find a barricaded safehouse somewhere as soon as I can, or it's back to the walking dead for me.

February 16, 2006 : Nearly there.

Or, well, it seems to be, anyway. I'm not really sure why I'm here in Malton, either. There are zombies everywhere. And I already died as well (I got barricaded out and ran in panic; worst thing I ever did, hands down), but thankfully got revived by Oceaxe. Now I just need to find him and the rest of the group that he belongs to -- he left the graveyard at Santlerville when he revived me, so I wasn't able to properly thank him and offer my own services.

Well, here's to logging my bearings. I'm resting at The Notley Walk Fire Station, in Huntley Heights, after going around tagging zombies. A passing man -- Shunt McHurtingly -- told us there were zombies in the area, and since we have no idea what they could be doing to our barricades, I suppose we'd have to go. I've gotten wirecutters and a generator here, at least.

With me are nine other people, along with AtticusLockdown who was infected -- so I cured him with a spare first aid kit.

I still need to rest for a bit before I can move, though. I hope the barricade holds while I sleep.

PS. smallfish also just told me he was infected. I used my last kit on him, and now I'm nearly faint. Oh well. Here's to hoping they hold off the hordes.

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