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Ud feralis.jpg
Joined 2006-02-18 07:17:04
Status Dead; active
Profile feralis
Occupation Human Necrotech Employee, Level 6
Primary location Scarletwood
Affiliations Garniss Border Patrol
Favorite equipment Revivification syringe; revives: 4
Weapon of choice n/a

They keep on storming in my memory / they keep on falling.

Skills acquired


May 21, 2006 : Alive again!

Damn it feels good to be alive again. Egglord thankfully revived me just a few hours ago, but I feel so damn woozy and sick that I'm hiding it out underneath all these dead bodies scattered in the cemetery, hoping no one notices. I also see Buncy shuffling about, no other GBP member I can recognize -- hopefully they've found a temporary safehouse? I'm going to get a syringe ready for Buncy as soon as I get up, if no one else gets to revive him first.

Damn, it's been a sad few days! Hordes of zombies came pouring out of East Grayside and have pretty much laid waste to all our buildings -- The Sealey Building is still overrun, it seems; I can see the zombies on that block from here. Damn! But where will I hide when I finally get up?

May 17, 2006 : Overrun

Been running to and fro the last few days -- Scarletwood's north-western border with East Grayside is OVERRUN!! with zombies, dammit. The numbers are alarming. I can see a number of PH members as well -- probably some of their zergs?

We've also formalized squads over at the Garniss Border Patrol, and I'm part of the revive squad under Buncy's leadership. Need to start stocking up on syringes, I think.

May 14, 2006 : Got kilt

Bah. A lousy person named Geirrod snuck into base and killed a couple of us over the the Garniss Border Patrol (proof here). Got revived by Buncy and recuperated a while, and now I'm back and working around. Still halfway wounded, but definitely doing much better than dead. Adalbert General Hospital in East Grayside is swarming with zeds; couldn't do much at all for them. :(

May 12, 2006 : Zombies acting up

Witchell Street PD overrun!

May 10, 2006 : Did another run

I check the Necronet first before I left, and revived someone in the Scarletwood cemetery. There were two people duking it out with a zed in the south, so I healed them up as much as I could before staggering back to the Garniss. I hope they make it.

May 09, 2006 : Sigh.

The Barratt Building has fallen to the zombies, and no one's there now. I closed the doors and tagged the zeds still around, but otherwise they've all gone. Sigh. I suppose even a quiet suburb like Scarletwood experiences sadness such as this.

May 08, 2006 : Well!

I decided to start a journal of sorts. I've joined the Garniss Border Patrol here in Scarletwood recently, and I'm liking it well. I'm working on looking in on how the environs are doing, updating the area scan map we have, and various other odds and ends. The suburb's mostly quiet, actually, but I'm finding more and more zombies around recently. I wonder what's up. Must keep my eyes open.

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