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Anime Is Poopy

Anime Executions

The Following People Have Been Killed Because Lil Antoine Felt They Were Too Anime-like.

57 Executed (56 Unique)


The Following People Have Touched Lil Antoine in an Inappropriate Way and Have Been Killed.



The Following People Have Been Executed As PKers Using the Resensitized PKer List.

As of 10/11/07 11 unique Pkers have been brought to justice with 12 kills.


The Following People Have Been Executed As Zergers Using the Resensitized Zerg Liste.

As of 12/24/07 8 unique Zergers' cheating has been curbed with 9 kills.

Tolkien Black Man

This be a dead CRACKA's list, foo' Can I get a Whut Whut?
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