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Surgeon General of the City of Malton: Anja Arnheim

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Surgeon General of the City of Malton and Broom Flying Witch, Anja Arnheim

God's Gift to Malton DSS Satellite Phone Info
Anja has a DSS Satellite Phone and may be reached at 899-8989

History: Anja and Malton

Anja is your friend and is here to help you, regardless if you are pro-zombie, pro-human, pro-pker, or pro-other-than-the-aforementioned.

A very tall, thin, demure, and sickly lady in her early twenties, with sunken in bright blue hawkish eyes, a narrow face, and long brown hair with straight bangs. Anja is wearing a long blue military gown, blue beret, and blue boots. She has bad posture and a crooked but warm and friendly smile. Anja favors a roll of newspaper as a weapon, and favors first aid kits as equipment.

Anja goes by the title of the Surgeon General. Will not pick up a weapon besides newspaper. She usually resides in Crowbank, where she babysits Jerden.

It may not look like it, but Anja is mentally disabled. Having bottles of alcohol smashed on your head does that to you. If you are caught smashing a bottle of alcohol on my head, I will hunt you down and smack you with a newspaper. Anja also has anemia, mono, broken knees, heart problems, brain problems, memory problems, speech problems, hearing problems, depression, and dozens of other things, so don't waste your time. Killing Anja is a waste of your bullets and AP, and the revivers needle and AP. Please, be gentle. She would like to stay alive, because if she is a zombie she cannot be a very effective healer. Come enjoy tea with me instead. I love tea, tea is the best. I like tartary buckwheat blend the most. I like snow too. In five years see myself living in an igloo.

Anja can also draw and predict fortunes with tarot, ask in the talk page if you are interested!

Statistics: Made up numbers.



Buildings fixed:

Heals (Human):

Current: What am I up to?

"The Madness Begins"- November 5, 2015

Humans and zombies are going to be flooding Ridleybank, so I set up one of my special consideration revive points. Visit Highton Place (Ridleybank) if you are in need of a revive. I will do my best to check all other revive points as well. Be safe, everyone.

My Ethic: Tips From The Surgeon General

- Please be polite, respectful, and courteous to everybody, even your enemies. Sometimes you find that your enemies aren't exactly who you think they are if you treat them with respect.

- Please do not smash bottles of alcohol over my head. It is especially painful.

- Communication is very important, please let me know on my talk page if you feel sad or just want a revive!

- Textrape and other forms of harassment are unacceptable.

- Do not be too obvious about zerging.

Revives and Resouces: For /some/ your UD needs

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Anja now has a phone!: 899-8989