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Mostly Harmless



The Player

To properly portray the person playing? Preposterous. He plans, prowls, and pontificates. Has a penchant for pestering pretties, proceeding to prattle passion; proffers pizazz and produces panache.

Wholly ordinary and in no way worthy of suspicion. Advocate for fair play and crusader against hypocrisy. Supports the tasteful use of sentence fragments. Alliteration enthusiast. May or may not be currently playing.

The PKer

A pajamaed protagonist pondering possibilities. Promoting plight, provoking panic, promising pandemonium... The peril is palpable. Piety? Pointless.

A Zombie in Pajamas. A wolf in sheep's clothing. An unapologetic player killer— menace to many, but assuredly harmless; mostly. First and foremost, a LUEser.

Baptized in barhah, our protagonist sharpened his claws during a climactic clash: Caiger's first sacking. Such a auspicious first strike as a fledgling zombie was surely an omen of things to come. However, growls and groans did not suit our champion; his silver tongue needed a proper outlet. Spreading barhah while breathing was the only solution. ZiP was among LUE's very first death cultists and participated in a number of great battles with the horde, including the First Ruining of Fort Creedy, The Second Big Bash, Bashing Back: The Battle of Pitneybank, Battle of Barhapolis, Creedystock, as well as helping LUE to ruin every single mall.

Upon LUE's retirement, our protagonist's time to lead was finally at hand; and lead was exactly what he did. ZiP helped form and lead Mostly Harmless, and then something poetic happened.

The Predator

A peerless pioneer who puts puzzle pieces into place. His prey? Perverse punks, both pitiful and pathetic. People proclaim he possesses plenary powers of precognition? Please. That's pedestrian pedantry, pal.

Named for the night, Dusk Rawling has every intention of taking it back. Carpe noctem.

The best way to define a hunter is by his quarry. This hunter pursues only those that break the one and only rule of the game. The predator knows when to watch, when to wait, and when to strike. Just because you've seen him and remained unharmed does not necessarily mean that you are not his prey.

However, it is not the shooting and slaying that entices this hunter. The thrill of the hunt itself is what drives him. Unearthing new zergers and catching liars and hypocrites red-handed is always preferred to bagging and tagging a rank-and-file cheat. But you would be remiss to let that lull you into a false sense of security...


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