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Mostly Harmless


Zombie in Pajamas

Endearing PKer and friend to zombies everywhere. Enjoys commitment, changing himself, and long walks on the beach at night. Leads Mostly Harmless and appreciates fedoras. Disappointed no one understands that "zombie in pajamas" is an allusion to "a wolf in sheep's clothing." Best described as "incorrigible."

To the chagrin of his adversaries, ZiP is not above many "cheap" tactics others would consider beneath them. He has been known to fly another group's flag in order to get revived or to just survive the night. Sacred Ground is often disregarded to headshot his foes at revive points to deter an enemy for but a single night. He has has a penchant for comeuppance and is a habitual loudmouth. Misinformation often riddles the airwaves on local frequencies when ZiP is around, be it to protect the interests of his kin or to simply provide himself amusement.

However, should anyone be so kind (or naive) as to revive him, heal him, or simply leave him a friendly word, ZiP will do them no harm. Just as he is content to hold a grudge, he also does not soon forget kindness. Just don't go thinking that means a FAK or compliment is a bulletproof vest.

ZiP does not take the city and its drama seriously. While he has been known to become involved in affairs that do not immediately concern him or his group, the reasons are typically best summarized by "We're here to shank." Despite his easy going nature, he often finds himself being called out by various people or groups he or his teammates have attacked.

He has taken part in a number of events during his stay in Malton, including:

MHprinny.png Mostly Harmless
Zombie in Pajamas has a sharp knife and a sharper wit.
ZombieLUE.jpg Life, the Universe, and Everything
Zombie in Pajamas is a member of LUE.
MMA.JPG Malton Murder Award Winner, 2009
The contributions of this user or group to the PKing industry were honoured with an award at the Malton Murder Awards 2009.
Brainz.gif The Second Big Bash!
This User or Group is a member of The Second Big Bash, and will be coming to your neighborhood soon! Please have lots of fresh brains ready when they arrive with all their friends.


Jarkendel is a former Revive Technician, who manned the various Revive Points surrounding Hellyer NT. Though the earliest memories he can recall since the outbreak were of the zombie persuasion, Jarkendel had long since shrugged off his lust for blood and began advocating the survivor cause. Jarkendel, however, still has a twinge of evil in his eyes. He will help out anyone regardless of their crimes in these terrible times. Though he does not bloody his own hands, he will often sow the seeds of chaos, reviving zombies in the heat of battle. Despite these flaws, he is very protective of Hellyer and those who help operate it, often throwing caution to the wind to help protect it. Recently, however, he has taken it upon himself to travel to various NecroTech facilities around Malton. After a short tour of the northeast, he since returned to Hellyer.

He is quite talkative toward the zombies that regularly patrol Brooke Hills, often taking the time out of his busy day to try to educate the Eastonwood Ferals about the joys of repair work. However, sometimes the zombies need more physical means of education. Here we see Jarkendel ensuring K'Deux does not soon forget what a toolbox is used for.

NecroNet Scans to date: 29
People revived: 50+

Presently aiding restoration efforts in Dakerstown and enjoying the good company of 404: Barhah not found, The Know Nothings, and the plethora of unaffiliated survivors.

Retired and soon to be idled.

ForScience.gif Jarkendel's Ribbons
NecroTechnician - Rank 2 All-Seeing Eye Morrish Sentinel
Extinction Vigilance
Millen Hills Tour of Duty Paynterton Tour of Duty Raines Hills Tour of Duty


I also played a zombie belonging to the Monroeville Resistance Front. He was among the first zombies to roam the unforgiving streets of the city, but consequentially was also among the first to fall when cerebral damage was no longer shrugged off. His claws eviscerated a good many people with his horde, and his hunger was insatiable. Sixty-five fell by his claws and teeth; eleven were zombie hunters. Below are those I remembered to properly chronicle.

Ravenova's Conquests

  • Gripping shepard schiff by the shoulders, you crush them for 3 damage. They die.
  • He also managed to ruin the breached SE quad of Weaver Mall.
  • 07-01 - EL SOLDADO (Streaker Walk Police Dept, Newtown)
  • 07-01 - AlptraumHG (Streaker Walk Police Dept, Newtown)
  • 07-02 - Voltair Dark (Branham Bar, Newtown - in the dark)
  • 07-04 - Bob Ayliffe (Newforth Street Railway Station, Newtown)
  • 07-06 - kathleen rahl (Warter Library, Newtown)
  • 07-07 - peterjames (Anicetus General Hospital, Newtown)
  • 07-08 - wuzee89 (Anicetus General Hospital, Newtown)
  • 07-10 - Max Friswell (Holderman Row Police Dept, Newtown)
  • 07-10 - Sgt Khorn (Holderman Row Police Dept, Newtown)
  • 07-11 - Horrah Gommorah (a Factory, Newtown)
  • 07-11 - Herk Avery (a Factory, Newtown)
  • 07-12 - Jake Rivers (a Factory, Newtown)
  • 07-14 - Iboseth3 (McKittrick Road Police Dept, Newtown)
  • 07-15 - Sporadic (McKittrick Road Police Dept, Newtown)
  • 07-17 - tiddlywink (Glasgo Crescent Police Dept, Newtown)
  • 07-18 - drunk thompson (Glasgo Crescent Police Dept, Newtown)
  • 07-19 - Bill The IT Guy (Coughlin Building, Newtown)
  • 07-20 - CoolAidMan (Holderman Row Police Dept, Newtown)
  • 07-22 - deepwinter (a Woodland, Oak Hill)
  • 07-23 - Vermillion Angel (Gullefor Auto Repair, Oak Hill - Kill number 50!)
  • 07-24 - Dexter Dee (Bacon Boulevard Railway Station, Oak Hill - Zombie Hunter)
  • 07-25 - pandaVolta (Nash Cinema, Oak Hill)
  • 07-26 - Dan Stephens (St Bartholomew's Church, Oak Hill)
  • 07-26 - Shale Mist (Mullan Building, Oak Hill)
  • 07-26 - drkvt (Leedy Lane Railway Station, Oak Hill)
  • 07-29 - pastorj5 (Club Doying, West Monroeville - Zombie Hunter, killed solo from 60 hp, in the dark)
  • 07-30 - Killer Kawalski (King Towers, West Monroeville)
  • 07-31 - Soul Intruder (King Towers, West Monroeville)
  • 07-31 - Elias Kincaid (Club Wray, West Monroeville)
  • 08-01 - James Barnhill III (Jordan Building, Central Monroeville)
  • 08-02 - Shinomin (Club Trobaugh, Central Monroeville)
  • 08-04 - Franky Sinat (Methodius General Hospital, Central Monroeville)
  • 08-06 - Axel Igneel (Burris Bank, Central Monroeville)
  • 08-07 - Ernie Deadbeat (Club Sutton, Central Monroeville)
  • 08-09 - Falisage (Whitner Bank, Central Monroeville)
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