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Starting Occupation: Cop
Group Membership: Kicks around with whoever is up and kicking
Goals: Getting really drunk and then getting drunk again.
Username: Aphaythea
More details: Urban Dead profile

Zombie-cop.jpg Who took all the beer???

Dead.gif Urban Dead
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Phay was once a proud cop, and she was about to get her detective's shield when the outbreak changed all that. Now she spends her time trying to see just how drunk she can get while still contributing to what's left of the world around her by healing, barricading, fueling gennys in resource buildings and sticking needles into those infected. She loves to play blindfolded darts and spraypainting zombies with bright and pretty colours.

Pet Peeves; Over barricading entry points and people who never change out of blood soaked clothes.

DSS Satellite Phone (currently not functional) 895-9962
wish everything in life (or unlife) could be so simple and work so well! It's more reliable that a Zerger hoard and it's free! What more could you ask for? Oh wait it also doesn't cost ANY AP TO USE!!!! What are you waiting for? Zombie Jesus to give you a sign? Get yours now! Disclaimer: Not Affiliated with Zombie Jesus nor any subsidiaries thereof. Zombie Jesus references are purely for entertainment value only, and are not approved for resale use. (Batteries not included.)

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