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Greetings to Malton. My name is Apocalyptic doom, and no, I'm not the bringer of destruction, the cause of all your problems, or the Anti-Christ. I'm simply another survivor, who parents had a little trouble with picking names.


Who am I?

Like I said, I am a survivor. A zombie killer. A Bounty Hunter. A NecroTech Employee. And all the other thing you'd expect from a survivor. As a matter of fact I am more than just a regular survivor.

Then who am I?

I've been in Malton since November 16th, 2006. I woke up in The Younghusband Arms in West Grayside and wandered the city of Malton. Living as both human and zombie, I did what I wanted, whenever I wanted. One day, after a month of senseless wandering, I discovered I was standing in front of The Younghusband Arms again, and I discovered my home. The Younghusband Arms, West Grayside. I pledged that I would become a survivor, to fight for all that is good. I learn the lay of the land, and befriended the people, with my trusty knife cutting up zombies, I became stronger and stronger, better and better. I learned how to fight, how to heal, how to revive. A kind stranger, one I will never forget, by the name of Brian Mercat, helped me work my way up (he became my target for XP farming and never complained).

Then one day, I did something that forever changed me.

What I did

There was a new group in the area that I happened to accidentally come across. They called themselves the West Grayside Watch. On the 29th of January 2007, I joined them.

Here it is, it brings back memories.

My Application

Who are they?

A week before, on the 22nd of January, a man name Kaptain Fitting, a member of the S.T.A.R.S., decided to break off from his group and form his own. He was joined by the proud and sometimes arrogant Mayor Ruffel as co-founder. We've had a lot of history - 2 sieges by LUE, Mall Tours, and recently the Dead along with RRF. After we decided to spread our operations out of just West Grayside, and to hopefully attract more survivors when activity was at an all time low, we formally changed our name to South Malton Watch.

After the name change

Shortly after our name change, the saddest day in Watch history occurred - Kaptain Fitting left the group. Command of the group then fell in the hands of two members, a new but capable RichterFury, and the longest serving active member of the group - Senior Veteran Apocalyptic doom. Though activity in the group is still fairly low, we are slowly coming back, as we have finally lived up to our name by spending less time idle at home and more time traveling South Malton, fighting back the hordes.

The End

January 21st, 2010 was the last day the South Malton Watch functioned as a group. Both Richter and I agreed that our group would no longer be active. With a heavy heart, I stepped down as the Kaptain of the South Malton Watch.

More About Me

I'm a proud member of the Watch. I dislike feral zombies and I detest PK'ers. Once I was a committed Bounty Hunter myself once, picking up guns when my old ones ran out of bullets. As time passed, I became less and less capable, actually keeping an organized inventory of 4 pistols and 4 pistol clips, which I can sufficiently say got me nowhere. But experiments with my alt (who is strictly confidential) in Santlerville fighting against Finis and other zergers has brought me back to the light. Guns blazing, I have returned, the Bounty Hunter and zombie killer I am. Though I go by the rules now, killing by the Rogues Gallery, I believe that those that hurt me (and my friends) personally deserve to be hunted to the ends of the Earth, bounty or not. I currently reside in Sendell Arms, the Base of Operations for the South Malton Watch, though I frequently travel around the suburb, often returning to my true home that is The Younghusband Arms.

My Friends

The people of this city that I owe a lot to are the following:

Kaptain Fitting - don't be surprised, his actual main character is Zombie and PK'er Mayor Fitting. Kap is his side. Our charismatic leader for life, he's a guy I can never forget. I still hope he comes back to seize total control of the group once again.

Mayor Ruffel - obnoxious as he may be sometimes, he was once a member of the Watch and I owe him a lot. He let me in the group, though I'm pretty sure Kaptain would've too.

Warren Worthington - One of my oldest pals in the Watch. Active every now and then.

Havlat - Much like Warren, a good friend. Active but rarely seen on our forum.

Marcus Lobonsky - A good man, keeping every thing organized while the rest of the group is out at another suburb.

WanYao - I don't know what I'd do without this guy. Really one of my best friends, he doesn't hang with the group too much, but he comes back every now and then with something to keep us occupied in our excruciating boredom. Thanks a lot Wan.

Lufttygger - Another friend. A good entertainer I can say. I just recently found out he was still active but had some computer issues, to my knowledge.

RichterFury - Richter is the reason why we're still a group. Co-Kaptain of the SMW along with me, he's really been the guy that's holding everything together, while I'm still crawling my way. He's the responsible one in the group, while I'm still getting used to becoming less of a member and more of a leader. Once a crony always a crony I guess. I'm getting there, one day I'll finally get it and I can actually live up to my role of Co-Kaptain.

Brian Mercat - Like I said earlier, this guy was my XP farm. I've spent countless hours knifing and healing him and he hasn't minded. The first guy who's name actually mattered to me.

Locobob - Though I don't really know who this guys is, he was the heal that earned me my 10,000th XP (surplus that is), so I owe him for that.

To anyone I've forgotten, I'm sorry. You can drop by and give me a punch. I hope this doesn't actually kill me.

Woot for me!

As of 13 September 2008, 9:50pm (EST) I have earned my 10,000th XP (surplus that is). Its been a long road, it has, and I'm looking forward to continuing serving Malton. 20,000, here I come. To think it would be because of a heal.

10,000th XP


Man, it took me a full year before I found out that four tildes meant autosign. Apocalyptic doom 15:01, 25 October 2008 (BST)


I am enjoying the city of Borehamwood. My main account in the city is "Azndudezilla", who is residing in North Borehamwood, and can't seem to find a knife. My character for the Big Brother competition is "Apocalyptic Fireman", and I'm happy to report that I found it, and this character will probably go inactive.

Azndudezilla found a knife finally - but I've had no luck getting XP. Should've started as a Military or Police, but I thought I'd need Free Running, which I don't.

He is part of the group Tregidga Row Police, based in North Borehamwood.

Azndudezilla has been killed I thought i'd make it too. Damn you to hell Drinking Gravy

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