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Codename: Aquanut

Real Name: ask me and i'll shoot you.

Age: guess

Height: 5'7

Aquanut is a shortish fellow who moves with an easy grace in an urban or rural setting, a shotgun fitting into his hands like he was born with it. The Aquanut action figure comes with combat fatigues, a billowing black duster, dual pistols, a double barreled shotgun (with hair trigger)and his ever present cigar.

Bounties Collected: 53

Bounty Details: Unfortunately the DEM records of bounties as a Marshal were lost when the Records Building burned down, but the following is a list of those brought to justice under the FPH banner.

1. Tawny Larue For PKing members of the GHDU

2. Leggy Larue For PKing a FPH member

3. Necroscope For PKing members of the GHDU

4. A Big Bird For assault on GHDU members, Gking, suspected alt of Ken Irons

5. Ken Irons For PKing GHDU members, Pking FPH members

6. Steve Yuletide For PKing GHDU members

7. Slug02 For Pking civilians in Lumber Mall, Generator Smashing

8. Cpt Timbob For pking in Lumber Mall, later found innocent

9. Elbart0 For Generator smashing

10. Will Burman For PKing FPH members

11. Junipera Callisto For PKing Village People of the Damned members

12. Dead Garfield (Profile Lost) For PKing Village People of the Damned members

13. Otis Red For Breaking barricades, scouting for zombie groups, assault on FPH and GHDU members

14. Dusty33 (Profile Lost) For Breaking barricades, scouting for zombie groups, assault on FPH and GHDU members

15. Capt Tripps (Profile Lost) For being an absolute moron. Threatening PKing because was stuck in a building. Gave him a lesson reinforced with a PK to make it sink in [Note: Aquanut was given a bounty for this murder]

16. catscratchfever For anti-survivor activities. Truce has been reached.

17. Robert Lake For anti-survivor activities. Truce has been reached.

18. ZZL For anti-survivor activities. Truce has been reached.

19. William Lawson For anti-survivor activities. Truce has been reached.

20. D4rkness Killed as a DEM bounty

21. AriesMars Killed as a DEM bounty, and for PKing an FPH member

22. William Lawson For PKing an FPH member

23. D4rkness Killed as a DEM bounty

24. Dyne Lanark Killed as a DEM bounty

25. Steban Philomeno War against PH, DEM bounty

26. DrBeaker War agaisnt PH

27. Chop Chopper War against PH

28. monthax killed as a DEM Bounty

29. Brian Vette Killed as a DEM bounty

30. 800 pound gorilla For PKing and assault

31. 800 pound gorilla DEM Bounty

32. BenDeroy War against PH

33. sargento tejero War against PH

34. PHMilinkito War against PH

35: Geirrod DEM Bounty, later found to be mistaken identity

36: Patizombi War against PH

37: Curreta pH War against PH

38: patyzombi War against PH

39: PHophito War against PH

40: Faunt DEM Bounty

41: Dohlyak DEM Bounty

42: S Aline DEM Bounty

43: Fireman Vess DEM Bounty

44: Manolon War against PH (DEM KOS) [Note: Later found that the execution of Manolon was done after an official truce was made with PH, and announced on the radio, this bounty claim is considered unjustified]

45: Chris LeDoux DEM Bounty

46: Pete4256 DEM Bounty

47: Zazie DEM Bounty

48: OMARkillstheV DEM Bounty

49: Rick Danko DEM Bounty

50: Atreides 88 DEM Bounty

51: Franklin Jackson DEM Bounty

52: Bobby Pegleg Flower of Decay member

53: sunb0rn Bounty Hunter hunter [Note: At the time of the bounty claim, sunb0rn had not been a member of the Bounty Hunter hunters, and this bounty claim was later considered unjustified]

54: Tanis Half Elf Rogues Gallery Bounty

55: Rocky Samson Zerg Liste

56: Sam Rahmn Suspected killing revivers [Note: Later found innocent of PKing]

57: The Living Fred Zerg Liste

58: John Ibans Rogues Gallery Bounty [Note: Later found to be mistaken identity with John Lbans]

59: Sid James Jr Rogues Gallery Bounty

60: Zora Morag Zerg Liste

61: Smoking Barrels Text Rapist [Note: Aquanut was not justified in his bounty kill of Smoking Barrels and was given a bounty himself]

62: MadarseLizard3 Rogues Gallery Bounty

63: Bartholomew Simpson Rogues Gallery Bounty

64: Smoking Barrels Text Rapist

65: MartinCrane Rogues Gallery Bounty [Note: Aquanut claimed the bounty on Martin three times for one transgression]

Aquanut has a long and varied history. Born in the early 70's was the only son of ranchers. Disliking the rural life, entered the military at an early age, quickly finding his niche. Excelled in nearly anything he tried, becoming one of the youngest members of the special forces. He became especially skilled in HK missions and undercover work. He began to enjoy this work far more than he probably should, resigning his commission and going into business for himself.

It was shortly after he began doing this freelance bounty hunting work that he met Suli. Meeting her in between missions, he swept her off her feet, treating her to a life of bliss on his ranch, her thinking him not much but a rich playboy who liked his toys. Guns, light vehicles, even a small private plane. Wasn't until months later that she learned of his darker side. Bounty hunting and dealing in illegal weapons. Using his considerable charms and her love for him he drew her into the business, teaching her everything he knew, the two working together for years. Until she mysteriously left him one day.

He began searching for her, continuing his business, often having to break off his search to avoid being apprehended by government forces. Over a decade later tracked her down, her last known residence in the quarantined city of Malton. Upon further digging, finding the nature of the quarantine, it seemed the perfect oppertunity to truly test his skills. Arranging for a General friend of his to slip him into the city, he begain both his search for his lost wife, and hunting the most dangerous game: Man.

Shortly after arriving, He formed a HK group called The Fascist Pig Hunters, a notorious group plagueing the city, tearing into the underclass and the lowlifes who had sunk to looting. and life was good for a while. It was during this time when he encountered Carrie Cutter. She was a little thing eking out an existance in malton, but she had spirit. Aqua rescued her and expanded on her knowledge of guns, teaching her the art of guerilla warfare and bounty hunting.

Several months into the search, he finally found Suli, or rather she found him. She had done well, her lessons under him serving her well, even surpassing him in some areas much to his surprise. She had another surprise for him as well. A son. HIS son. Brendave was a bit of a shock, and denial at first set in. Especially at the weak will the whelp seemed to have. Suli didn't appreciate what time had done to him either. She accused him of being bitter, a scoundrel and a murderer.... he denied being bitter. They parted again, not on the best of terms after they nearly had a shootout at Woodroffe Mall.

In frustration over his rejection, he broke a cardinal rule of bounty hunting. He lost his temper. Going on a rampage in Houldenbank, he targeted a civilian clinic with his group, killing nearly a dozen people which put him on the wanted lists for nearly the entire city. Now wanted by both the criminal organizations and the relief organizations in the city, he was forced to take things into perspective.

Negotiating with both the Rotters Relief Organization and the Department of Emergency Management he began to make reforms in his group. Instead of targeting the citizens in general, the group began working with the DEM, using his talents to bring murderers to justice. Meanwhile, he'd been getting in better graces with Suli, working on cutting the apron strings and making a man out of the whelp brendave had been.

Today, he's still a bit of a rough character with a short temper, but his experiences in Malton has given him somewhat of a perspective on whats important. He still enjoys his work all too well, but for what its worth, he does care for Suli, and has even found in his heart a bit of pride in his son. Nowadays, his bounty hunting is on the right side of the law, having fully renounced the group he himself founded. Recently, Aquanut had taken a break from bounty hunting and was protecting his family in malton. Trying to make sure his son didn't end up as bitter as he, and watching over his Ex-wife who was expecting another. He worries about what effect the plague in Malton will have on the newborn child.

Having lost contact with his wife and children, Aquanut has called the group back together, cleansing Malton of its filth and once again looking for his lost love.

Despite his many bounty kills Aquanut has been witnessed several times maliciously and willfully murdering people using his bounty hunter status as his reason and motive. Different people interpret Aquanuts many murders/revenge killings/bounty captures differently, some as a homicidal murderer who enjoys nothing more than executing people with no provocation or justification; and some as a strong voice of peace and lawfulness.

Many of Aquanuts bounty claims are currently in question as the the legitimacy of the claim as of June 2011.

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Antiph.JPG PH Extermination
This User or Group supports the elimination of PH in the Southern Suburbs of Malton.
Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
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Aquanut supports the No Random Revive Policy.
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