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As one of the survivors of Malton's zombie scourge, you have grown to fear zombies; it is a very natural fear as you do not wish to become one of them. However, your fears know nothing of what the big picture is. The zombies have been evolving. Originally brain-dead lab rats infected with Vigour Mortis (ironically originally made for man's well-being) they have now become the greatest threat to all mankind. From the beginning, many had already begun to develop. Zombies that have gorged on many have begun to show signs of intelligence, no doubt from the excess of protein in their diets allowing the development of a postmortem language. Zombies that would eat the scraps of bigger hordes began permanently shut-down parts of the brain that would be their only chance of becoming human again. Eventually many of these traits began to collide, creating the "modern" zombie. Out of these zombies, however, there were zombies from the beginning gifted with these abilities. They were never human in the normal sense, however. These beings were synthetic, created in the darkest alleys of NecroNet by mad scientists. They were genetically modified clones.

When the outbreak occurred, the plague was quick to reach even behind the most tightly-sealed doors. The virus had soon somehow made its way into the bloodstream of one of the homunculi. Their enhanced bodies quickly broke free of the tubes and restraints they were controlled in. Ultimately all ten escaped. For a very long time they simply hid in the shadows, quenching their desire for blood by feeding off of dead bodies too mutilated to stand. The emergence of one of them, however, was inevitable. The very first to appear was codename Arcology. Arcology was created by the scientist Herbert Drake, who intended to use his project to demonstrate what mankind would eventually evolve into. After 'he' had reappeared, he now runs rampant along the other infected. Now you know there is more to fear than the common dead.



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The Launch Arco. Okay still don't get it...
Will Wright's computer game SimCity 2000 allows the construction of four different types of arcologies.
Launch Arco is the most sophisticated.
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