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Researcher Kage Stone
Joined: 2007-11-27 04:18:28
Character Details: Urban Dead profile
Rank: Researcher
Character Class: NecroTech Lab Assistant
Favorite Equipment: NecroTech Revivification Syringe
Favorite Weapon:
Backup Weapon:
Current Status: Alive
Location: Miltown
Current Level: 41
Kills: Unknown
Revives: Unknown
Deaths: Unknown
Group: NecroTech
Journal: No journal

Current Profile Description

A NecroTech bio-engineer who was volunteered to be part of a research detachment dropped in to study and control the zombie outbreak. He has a large messenger bag full of fresh syringes, with a DNA extractor hanging from his belt. Appears quite harmless.



Kage Stone was an academic by nature, and was heavily interested in the natural sciences. He excelled at these subjects and frequently shunned the arts, religion, and other such "wasteful" prospects. After graduating from university with first-class honours in both biomedical engineering and life sciences, he was immediately offered a position in a division of a company which only declared itself as "NT". While information about "NT" itself was strictly confidential, the division did state that its own purview extended across a wide range of chemical and biological sciences, focusing on their applications to the human body. As a result, it was only natural that Kage accepted the job. Despite his sterling achievements, he found himself no more of an assistant, being in a company comprising the world's finest minds. Nonetheless, this did not mean that "NT" was inefficiently allocating their resources. In fact, Kage's education and expertise came in useful in facilitating various sophisticated and delicate research projects, where even the lab technicians had to be of a high calibre to ensure any hope of success at all.


During the period of the Malton Incident, Kage was accompanying an unnamed lead scientist across the jungles and savannahs of Africa, retrieving samples of various microorganisms and large animals alike. While news of the outbreak was just beginning to be sent out, the team had already been fully informed of the situation, with no apparent change to their plans, however. As such, they merely continued researching and kept in full contact with the other lead scientists back at the division's main research labs. The only difference was that the team members were now being sent precious information and data on these zombies as research into this strange affliction unfolded. At this point in time, Kage's own humanity kicked in. As he read the files on this zombie outbreak, he began to feel that something that to be done to prevent more people from being lost to an irretrievable abyss of undeath. As a result, he frequently sent formal requests to his superiors for a team to be formed to eradicate this outbreak once and for all. However, while he could usually easily contact his supervisors, they would be strangely silent on this particular subject.

A few years later, upon conclusion of the entire project, the members were scheduled to be flown back to their individual research labs or given new assignments. In Kage's case, he was told to pack into a dull black transport helicopter at a remote airstrip in the African savannah. Without windows, compasses, or even timepieces for that matter, he had absolutely no idea where the helicopter was headed. Not much later, it landed atop the roof of a seemingly innocuous office building. Despite its apparently non-descript exterior, Kage knew that this building could only belong to NecroTech through its several identifying marks universal to all its offices worldwide. Gazing out from his vantage point, Kage saw a city that seemed strangely asleep despite it only being sunset in a cold autumn evening, with buildings in severe states of disrepair and ruin peppered the landscape and a slight smell of rotting flesh was in the air. There were, too, several key landmarks that seemed strangely familiar to him, although he was definitely sure he had not entered this place before. Then, it suddenly struck him. He was in Malton. He opened his mission package and out came a DNA extractor, with a confidential document of his mission objectives. Despite this being an official project, Kage did not need to be told that his division had effectively discarded him, offering him no assistance apart from the ride into the city, and an extractor for Kage to continue contributing back to NecroTech through DNA records, if he should choose to use it.

In Malton

Excessively cynical, Kage wandered across the northern region of Malton, until he arrived at Yagoton, whereupon he decided to base himself there to acquaint himself with the situation at hand. He spent his first few weeks extracting DNA from the zombies as per his instructions, but not so much because he wanted to please his superiors as he wanted to learn more about the outbreak himself. Later on, wishing to make some contribution to the fragile community of survivors who kept this particular suburb relatively safe, he learnt some basic medical skills and advanced his skills at lab work in the local NecroTech laboratories, allowing him to heal his fellow living humans while revivifying zombies to return them back from undeath. As of yet, he has yet to record a legacy in Malton, but he thrives. Barely.

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  1. Chichonuke

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