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You see a man in his early 20's. He has a medium-long black hair and is wearing a black shirt and ripped jeans.

You see a zombie with blood-stained ripped jeans and a brown shirt that used to be black. His formerly black hair is now stained with dried blood and his face has numerous cuts and holes.

Hey, I'm Arttuww. I played Urban Dead from 2006 until early 2009 and I have recently started playing UD again with this new account. I'm a scientist, and my safehouse is the Whippey Building in Shearbank. I like fair play, and I'm also looking for a survivor group to join.

Some RL info for you stalkers

Real name: Arttu

Location: Tampere, Finland

You might also know me as RTT, Rautatie, Metrofi. Say hi to me if you've met me before :)

Current status of my safehouse


The Whippey Building
EthrDemon (talk) 23:58, 25 May 2020 (UTC)

Danger levels in Shearbank and surrounding suburbs
Yagoton Millen Hills Raines Hills
Brooke Hills Shearbank Huntley Heights
Ketchelbank Roachtown Randallbank
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