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I got bored with my page. It was pretty lame anyway. Not a fan of the wiki - don't know how to use it really.

I'll keep the descriptions of my 3 main characters though (I have 3 more these days).

For RP purposes I say they're triplets that've gone down three very different paths in life.

So the three brothers are as follows:

A '*' denotes character appearance of preference.


  • Class: Scientist/NecroTech Lab Assistant
  • Role: Survivor
  • Group: QSG
  • *Survivor Appearance: This scientist is having a ball here in Malton... Most people might dislike a zombie infestation but our strange friend here has a passion for necrophilia... Ew
  • Zombie Appearance: This zombie is just plain weird. He wonders about, grinning inanely at his fellow shambling dead, all the while 'touching himself'. Ew.
  • Description: Shadowan is a basically good man. He tries to help those around him and works with his fellow librarians to protect the Quartly library and its guests. He does have his flaws, however (primarily sexual in nature, as you may have gathered from his appearance). He knows he is more than a bit odd, but he doesn't care. Personally whilst I wouldn't condone his behaviour, I tolerate it seeing as he isn't hurting anybody (if you don't count the violation of the already deceased) and there are far worse crimes taking place throughout Malton.


  • Class: Zombie/Corpse
  • Role: Zombie
  • Group: RRF: AU10
  • Survivor Appearance: The look of desparation in this man's cold, dead eyes send a shudder through your body. After months as one of the undead, he has become addicted to the experience. He seeks the solace of undeath once more.
  • *Zombie Appearance: The permanent maniacal grin on this zombie's face is deeply disturbing to all. Nothing gives Shadean more pleasure than the mutilation of the living. You're alarmed to notice that this zombie has carved the AU10 logo into his own forehead.
  • Description: Yes, Shadean is the brother that chose the path of undeath. Depressed - tired of life's cruel games and apparent futility - he offered himself up freely to the zombie hordes upon the dawn of Malton's infestation. When he found he woke up again his perception of the world had changed drastically. Now he had a purpose, albeit a rather crude one. He would kill, he would feast, and he would revel in the triumphs of his zombie brethren - BARHAH! When all harmankind have joined him in death, he will be satisfied.


  • Class: Civilian/Firefighter
  • Role: PKer
  • Group: Red Rum
  • *Survivor Appearance: As you catch this survivor's eye a terror grips you - the madness you see in him is chilling. He cackles and takes a step towards you... Before falling flat on his face. Psychotic he may be, but it would appear he's been drinking too much Rum.
  • Zombie Appearance: You look in this zombie's eyes and see in them a wild craving to live once more - Revivify please!
  • Description: Shadowean likes pain... So long as it occurs in other people. He is fascinated with the contorted looks of horror he can bring to the faces of his fellow survivors with the use of a sharp object or three. He revels in the misery and pain of others. The only company he wishes to keep is that of fellow PKers - those he can exchange tales of bloody slaughter with. Swept in black, with gaunt features and cold, dead eyes, you would be forgiven for believing the man was death himself. In many ways he is. Recently he has turned to drink. Before he was just psychotic. Now he's a psychotic drunk.

A recent development is that Shadowean has become a co-leader of Red Rum. He's got big plans ^_^

These characters are not the same as the character I've RPed with. He goes by the name of Shad and is most similar to Shadowean, though he's quite different. He's more of a perversion of myself than anything else.

If for some bizarre reason you're interested in knowing about the person behind the alias of Ashadoa, whom goes by the name of Tom, then you may take a peek at his MySpace page here