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Why the four "advantages" of Bite really don't result in zombies using Bite often.

1. It does 4 damage. Yes, this is true. But because of its accuracy, 30%, it only does 1.2 damage per AP, as compared to claws for 1.5 damage per AP. Neck Lurch does give the best damage rate for 100 XP, but once a zombie gets both Death Grip and Rend Flesh, Bite becomes redundant in terms of damage per AP. Nobody with any concept of math uses Bite purely for damage at higher levels, unless variability is called for in the situation – yet such situations are uncommon. The damage of Bite is not a true advantage after all.

2. It gives you 4 XP. However, since damage = XP for a zombie, Bite is also poorer than claws for gaining XP – see above.

3. It gives you 4 Hp. Well, at an accuracy of 30%, it gives 1.2 Hp per AP. Even with Tangling Graso for 40%, it only gives 1.6 Hp per AP. Now, assume the worst-case scenario when a zombie gets killed – it takes a Headshot, doesn’t have Ankle Grab, and doesn’t have Body Building. By standing up, it gains 50 Hp for 15 AP – 3.33 Hp per AP. The best-case scenario is that the zombie gains 60 Hp for just 1 AP. It is plain that simply by standing up, a zombie gains more Hp per AP than by using Digestion, whatever the situation. So why use Bite to gain Hp?

4. It infects the victim. This is the only advantage which I’ll say Bite really has. However, do realise that a survivor only needs 3 AP to find a FAK and cure his/her infection in a mall, while it takes a zombie 3 AP to infect him/her. During this time, the survivor will have taken 3 + 4 = 7 damage. Simply by having First Aid, the survivor will cure 3 more Hp than he/she lost. So Bite only has its uses in some situations, e.g. outside mall seiges or when the survivor doesn’t have FAKs or First Aid. Also, one Bite is enough. So even with this advantage of Bite, what almost every high-level zombie is doing is Claw claw claw claw claw through barricades, grab a survivor, bite once, then claw him/her to death if possible. So Bite still isn’t used much.

Hi Azhnazg, I'd Like Your Support

I have a suggestion up for voting in previous days: Lower The AP Cost To Use Syringes On Murder Victims. It's a PK balancing suggestion that lowers the AP cost to revive PK'd survivors by 5. I reasoned that a fair way to balance out the fact that a PKer can kill people more cheaply by walking through barricades is to make the cost of reviving them a little cheaper too. That'd discourage PKing without actually limiting it in any way. Zombies would once again be the best way to kill the living, as I think it should be, but if someone wants to PK they could still do it very effectively. I noticed you had some good ideas about PK balancing suggestion on the discussion page and I hope you like this enough to vote keep. Please ask me if you have any questions or comments, thanks! --Jon Pyre 06:44, 5 January 2007 (UTC)