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I spend a lot of time trying to recapture buildings. My current target is Isherwood Cinema.

When I attack the zombies in a building, I start by DNA scanning them, so I can distinguish one from another. Once I have identified all of my targets, I try to attack them all evenly. If I kill one zombie, but fail to kill the rest, that Zombie will be back at full force by the time I have resupplied. Instead, I try to distribute my damage evenly among all zombies present. On my next trip into the building, I can bring them down further, and have more success killing all zombies at once.

Here are the zombies that have been seen recently in Isherwood Cinema:

Add them as contacts so you can target them individually.

I will be attacking around 21:00 GMT October 8th.


Success! I didn't personally retake Isherwood, but I contributed by taking several zombies to minimal health. I'm currently residing in isherwood cinema to make it harder for the zombies to take back.