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The Malton Suburb of Eastonwood
Pauley Bank Shippard Place St. Chad's Church
a cemetery a warehouse Coplestone Bank the Butterell Arms the Coutts Building Holman Library a carpark
Roadnight Walk the Pears Building Troman Lane
St. Simon's Hospital
St. Anselm's Hospital
Brabner Row School Attrell Road Fire Station Norvell Avenue Railway Station the Lewarn Arms the Fortt Monument
the Stonnard Building Yeatman Bank Wyles Bank Coley Towers
a carpark wasteland Rutt Square Fire Station the Cheeke Building the Knyps Monument Hayes Place Railway Station
the Oakes Arms Goodhall Avenue Club Burningham the Tryme Building a warehouse Elers Auto Repair the Furlonger Building the Broadfoot Building Symmons Towers Luellin Lane Fire Station
Club Vagg a carpark Darke Walk Evans Row Fire Station the Nettleton Building Postlethwaite Drive Hugo Walk Chidley Drive Battersby Road the Stoy Building
Hacker Way St. Antheros's Church a carpark the Ellicott Building the Hosken Building Pooll Crescent Police Department Cottrell Alley the Whaits Hotel the Dukes Hotel wasteland
Felix General Hospital a cemetery a factory the Sankey Monument Masey Drive the Harold Building Matcham Walk a factory Club Poulter Timewell Drive Police Department
the Corrie Building a factory Courtney Lane Fire Station Thickett Plaza Fire Station Bissell Walk Sleeman Towers the Dalzell Building the Surrage Building Budmead Way wasteland
the Mart Motel the Strang Monument the Fysh Monument the Drayton Building Back Bank Stitson Library Pattin Place wasteland the Gunson Building Vasey Lane
Rooke Bank Garret Row Popham Place Sherwell Place Booth Row the Mahagan Building Besley Lane Patriarch General Hospital Warry Road Hardy Street
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