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About Me

I am Auston, known by many as Austonst. I enjoy pretty much anything technology related, and I spend my time playing video games, surfing the web, and programming in BlitzBasic and in TI-Basic on my TI-83 Plus. I carry around my TI-83 Plus everywhere I go, but mainly for the games.


I love the idea of wikipedia, and so I've joined many wikis, from this site, to, to . I don't contribute much, but that's mainly due to my shy nature and fear of being looked at as "one of those n00bs". I try to help as much as I can though.

Urban Dead

I've joined UrbanDead quite a while ago. I currently have joined up with the Rhodenbank Civil Defence Corps and I work hard to keep people safe and revived. I'm gaining levels pretty rapidly, and as of April 17, 2006, I'm around level 13. Urban Dead is the greatest text-based MMORPG ever!

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