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ALTs :

- Lance Redwood a police officer.
- Felix Downing a soldier.


Unkempt black hair, a scar is visible on his right forehead, medium built, a Delta Force tattoo is visible on the back of his right hand. An ID with the DWRX 28.54 logo hangs around his neck.

Wearing: a black tie, a white T-shirt, a NecroTech jacket, a grey coat, a pair of black jeans and a pair of black boots


He was one of the military personnel sent in to control the situation when the outbreak occurred. Currently residing in Millen Hills and running the DWRX 28.54 News Team Head Office. He also operates a temporary revive clinic in the Jeffrey Building in central Millen Hills.

In the first few months of the year 2015, Avery, along with a few other survivors in Millen Hills, faced a major zerg attacks. Fighting to keep major resource building and his safe house operational. With the help of DWRX's affiliate radio station in the suburb, they were able to keep the area, that is now known to them as Central Millen Hills, running until MDK stepped in and took care of the zerg.