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ALICE.png A.L.I.C.E. Is Watching...
Dr Awais Kemal is NOT paranoid. Dr Awais Kemal knows his every action is being closely monitored by A.L.I.C.E. and that she is manipulating everything and everyone to her own ends. It's all just one big test... ending with cake.

Group Affliation

Skull n syringes.gif The Big Prick
Whittenside .

Awais Kemal He is a scientist, and in possession Necronet connection device, which can access the necronet systems and ******** with ******** and has been modified to also be a DNA extractor and a syringe holder. He is armed with a fire axe, tool box, and flare gun He is wearing a blood stained white lab coat, a gas mask and is on The Big Prick Mall Tour


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USER> Awais|
USER>Initializing.......decrypting............retrieving BIO.......done.......retrieving ID Picture.......done
Name:Dr Awais Kemal
Handle:Dr Awais Kemal
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Occupation: Geek, Scientist

Born in Boston Massachusetts, He knew he was destined to be a scientist when he built a hadron collidor in his garage at age 16. At age ** he went to collage at MIT and got a PhD in theoretical physics. After being laid off from Black Mesa, and Aperture Science, he joined Necro-Tech, but alas the zombies came and made it very hard to focus on his work. While heading towards Nicholas Mall, he was bitten, But he was revived by a group of ex-necronet employees called The Big Prick. He joined his saviours and fights the hoared proudley

WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT> DNA Extroctor/Syringe holder(0)/Necronet data base access, Tool Box, Fire Axe, Radio, and a Flare Gun
INFECTED?> Yes, but non-hostile

SPECIES> 75% Geek 15% Bad Ass 10% Robot


AP>Dangerously Low



Cake.png LIES
Awais Kemal was promised cake that was both delicious and moist. Awais Kemal was lied to.

Last Known Location And Company> Place.PNG


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