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We are going to do whatever the fuck we want.
Yuki Onna
Yuki Onna
Name Yuki Onna
Gender Female
Age 24 (Looks 19)
Weapon of Choice Ice Kunai
Affiliation Cobra
Previous Affiliations Order of the Black Rose
Class Doctor, Yuki-onna
Side PKer (Previously Survivor)
DSS 880-2016
Last Seen Buttonville
600px-Cobra.svg.png Cobra
Yuki Onna is a member of Cobra. Hail!
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Yuki Onna is, as her name implies, a yuki-onna, a type of yōkai which appeared in Japanese folklore. She has complete control over ice and snow, and as such, she is able to manipulate it to her will. Before the outbreak occurred, Yuki kept her powers a secret, acting like any normal human being attending medical school. After the outbreak occurred, with all the zombies running around, Yuki saw no need to keep her powers a secret anymore. She joined up with the Order of the Black Rose, and using her medical knowledge, she became the OBR's medic.

In October 2011, the OBR planned a tour of Malton to take a break from their duties in District SW-2. Sometime around November, Yuki was separated from the rest of OBR. It was around this time in which she was abducted by Cobra personnel. Cobra, who had their eyes set on Yuki's abilities to control ice, sought to gain control of this power themselves. They performed numerous experiments on her in order to infuse their ranks with her powers. All of these experiments failed miserably. Cobra then utilized brainwashing techniques in order to gain control of Yuki herself. They figured by taking control of Yuki, they can take utilize her and her powers. The brainwashing was a success. Cobra had successfully recruited Yuki into their ranks.

There's now a voice in her head constantly saying, "kill...kill...kill..." Yuki has tried to resist it in the past, but now she just doesn't care anymore.



  • Yuki Onna's look and personality is based on the manga character, Mizore Shirayuki (albeit with minor changes for RP-ing purposes).
    • The character image in the profile box is also Mizore Shirayuki.
  • Most of the coding for this page was taken from Cobra's main page, as well as from the character page of Cobra's current leader, Sally A Summers.

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