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User box templates.


Rsz azure 01.png Azurian
This user is a proud Azurian.
ZombieHand.gif Proud To Be Alive
This user is a survivor and proud of it.
This user is a Christian.
Smash Communism.jpg The Good Old Days…
This user remembers the good old days, when butchering Malton's Communists was accepted not only as common sense, but enforced by law.
Paranoia.gif Paranoia
This user is paranoid.
Dead.gif Urban Dead
This user plays Urban Dead. Wow, what are the odds?
Earth.jpg Where is Malton?
Azure thinks that Malton is in Zimbabwe.
MrFusion.jpg Mr Fusion
This user believes Zombies should be used as alternative power sources.
Nixbank Defender
This user is defending his wine cellar from wandering looters. He's pretty furious because they drank his last Taylor Fladgate.


UwarS.GIF Supporter of Urban Warfare Doctrine
I fight block by block
Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user supports the Sacred Ground Policy.
Mercinaries.jpg Heavy Arms
This user or group has Heavy Arms and will use them if provoked.
Squad.jpg Firing Squad
This user thinks we should just shoot every feral and get it over with.
Weapons.JPG Weapon of Choice
This user's weapon of choice is his trusty service revolver.


Confederate flag.jpg The South Will Rise Again!]]
This User or Groups fights to make the Southern Suburbs RISE again!
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