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There's not much to say here. I now have two characters, Sven Michaels and Sara Michaels. Sven has been hanging around Santlerville in cooperation with the Dribbling Beavers, although I'm just waiting on things to quiet down so I can take him on the NecroTech tour. Sara has been played basically dual-natured, although lately she's taken a fondness for fixing up buildings in Lukinswood.

I also do a little creative writing in my Building Danger Reports as I discover information. If you see a danger report that looks borderline on the NPOV scale, please let me know on my discussion page. I'll be happy to adjust as needed. Mostly, I try and spice up the reports beyond the typical "7 zombies, no survivors. Place is ruined." report with a little creative license, however, I try and represent both sides equally poorly.


Unauthorized Duplicates/Clones

As there seems to be more than one person who lacks creativity enough to come up with their own names, I've started a list of said individuals. At least as it relates to me. These individuals should be carefully not mistaken for my characters.

  1. BLusk Spotted GKing recently. Was inactive for a considerable amount of time, although clearly this has changed.
  2. Sven MichaeIs Note the I instead of an L in the last name.
  3. Sven Micheals The latest clone. I know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all, but the least you could do is find someone more interesting to duplicate! Note the flipped e and a in the last name. Zerg listed, too!