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Sara Michaels is still being discovered as to exactly what she intends to do. Originally created to be my zombie alt, she's ended up in Northwest Malton, wandering in the ruined and destroyed streets in search of a purpose. Ironically, for about a week, I never knew whether she'd be alive or dead when I logged in each day. Things have settled down a bit. I'm thinking of playing her as dual-nature, primarily zombie, but that'll be determined by the combat revives.

Escape: The Commentary

I joined Sara Michaels to the Escape movement sometime mid-May, and worked toward the goals of the group, specifically in hopes of either driving some change or, perhaps, just having an ending of SOME kind.

It became, instead, a widely-seen opportunity for free and/or low-cost brains for zombies.

Gathering a group of survivors that large without any metagame organization to speak of is pretty amazing stuff, though. At least we know it CAN be done, despite the end result that a group of zombies, death cultists and PKers less than half the size managed to handily overrun Ellicott with little resistance. Organization was the weak point... one that a group made up entirely of self-appointed volunteers with no real metagame communication couldn't come up with in short order. Against such long-standing and well-organized groups as the RRF and MOB amongst others, there was no chance the building would stand once they decided it would fall.

What now? I don't believe in suicide, nor do I believe in making the game worse for others just to make some "point". Sara will continue as she was before, unaffiliated with any group. Perhaps she'll become true dual-nature again. Or perhaps she'll go full-time zombie. In the end, it doesn't matter. Hope: 50% off, clearance in aisle 0,45.

The Emergency Broadcast System

19 July 2009 - Found the Emergency Broadcast System a few days ago, called in a friend to witness this fact. We have begun work on making it operational. It's slow going. My friend and I await with baited breath the end result of said system being turned on.

20 July 2009 - First use of the EBS by a friend... it appears to simply be a transmitter on a frequency outside the normal band. In order to use it, you must have a generator, fuel AND a transmitter to attach to it... all to get onto a frequency that's outside the normal use bands. It is located in The Coram Building in Lukinswood.

21 July 2009 - It appears that The Rooster was the initial discoverer of the EBS. Credit for this should go to him and his characters.

Large AP Building Repairs >50

Repaired Ewins Row Fire Station for 51 AP on 13Aug2009. Still uncertain if she's survived. UPDATE: She didn't.

Repaired Hateley Arms for 51AP on 14Aug2009. Don't expect her to survive. UPDATE: I was right.

Repaired The Goode Building for 56AP on 19Aug2009. She might just make it through this one.

Repaired Chilcot Cinema for 68AP on 02Jul2011, 50/50 chance of survival

Repaired Errington Bank for 76AP on 11Jul2011. Not sure she'll make it, this time.