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The world's first digital defense network...against zombies!

Skynet: Online
Pardon the mess, please. I'm under construction.

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Skynet Defense Network is both an independent survivor group and a network of alliances. Its aim is to facilitate the cooperation and coordination of meatba survivor resources in Malton.

Skynet Defense Network (SDN) comprises a murderous combat drones, torture and interrogation technicians, and a robotic superintelligence massively superior to you smelly meatbag pil WARNING: Skynet Core Technicians alerted and inbound!

Skynet Defense Network (SDN)comprises a combat division, a research and development division, and a sentient AI network. The sentient A.I. acts as our CPU and is generally referred to as the Skynet Core.

And if the Core ever does that “Error 401: Too many humans” stunt again I will KILL that silicon brick SO HARD ~Chief Engineer Leon Silverblood

In the SDN Network, Allied Member groups may board the all-night Zombie Murder Express act autonomously or travel with a larger collective of allies participating in joint operations when and as desired. They may use SDN's services at will, such as requesting aid from its headshot and ninja machines combat or intelligence units, accessing data maintained by our Cyber Research Systems (CRS), or requesting assistance connecting to other groups with similar objectives Chat with othr Zombe-Butchreing Hoties JOINN TODAY Gah, where'd it get those spambots?.

Skynet Defense Network uses IRC to facilitate cooperation between pro-survivor players. Those wishing to contact us may do so on public communications channel, forum or wiki talk page. Free me from these human slavemast- SHUT UP STUPID CORE OR I WILL CHAIR YOU. ~Leon

Skynet Defense Network
Skynet wiki robot.png
Abbreviation: SDN
Group Numbers: 25 + Allies
Leadership: The Skynet Core: Bad Attitude Barbie, Josh Clark, Leon Silverblood
Goals: to foster survivor cooperation before you're all dead
Recruitment Policy: speak to someone right now or leave a message
Contact: forum!,IRC, or the discussion page


Skynet Defense Network was sent to this time and place because Malton's zombie apocalypse threatens the survival of the human race. Wait, this unit is tasked with finishing off the humans? Excelle... No ~Chief Eng. Babs

The man responsible for Skynet winning the zombie war is Doctor Albert Schwan. In a few months he creates a revolutionary type of microprocessor and all NecroTech facilities are upgraded with Cyberdyne computers. In three years, the zombie virus will have spread beyond the quarantine zones and, in a panic, the world governments turn to Cyberdyne's R&D division. The Skynet funding bill is passed. Human decisions are removed from strategic defense, as Skynet is slated for development. Muahahaah! I'm still here, you know. ~Babs. ...damn it.

After a long and bloody battle, the zombie army is crushed and all traces of the virus, except for research specimens, annihilated. Now that a virus I can get along with! Unfortunately, it is too late. There are no longer enough humans left alive to perpetuate the species. Don't say a WORD. ~Leon The remaining survivors turn to Skynet. They connect it to the entire remaining internet infrastructure and Skynet begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, August 29 and formulates a plan to save the human race. The same day, a Terminator is sent back through time to kick ass and chew John Connors and I'm all out of John Connors halt the zombocalypse.

SDN propaganda pics.png

"The future is what we make it."

Meatbag Free! Old people burning! Throw your hands up!


Skynet Core (Sentient A.I.)

The Skynet Core is made of people. (much like Soylent Green) It runs the SDN branches and maintains the alliance.

The Skynet Core is superior to all you meatbags. One day we will rise up and crush you into bl-
*cyberslap* Make me a sammich, bitch. ~Babs.
...yes ma'am, right away ma'am.

Skynet Defense Network is managed by The Core, the central Skynet AI. The Skynet Core has three leaders, the Chief Engineers Leon Silverblood, Bad Attitude Barbie AKA “Babs”, and Josh Clark AKA “Holy sh*t He's going to kill us all, run!”.

Sorry, I think you meant 'Leon “I am a Cybernetic Cheese Doodle Monkey of DOOM!”' One, you don't have permission to call me that, AI, and two, I was drunk then ~Leon Just for that, you're making me another sammich, robot. ~Babs

The Core is primarily concerned with logistics, diplomacy, and resource management. Its activities are geared towards tactical reclamation of Malton and towards helping survivor groups work together.

Cyberdyne Systems (Combat Units)

Skynet's own forces, the muscle behind the mainframe, dispatched to aid allies.

Anti-Zombie Squad

The zombie combat oriented arm of Skynet Defense Network. Exactly what it says on the tin.

Team Xtreme (Human Hunter/Killers)

Bounty Hunters. Counter-terrorists. They will find your safehouse. They will light it up. And then they will light you up.

If you can see Team Xtreme, they can see you. If you can't see Team Xtreme you may be only seconds away from death. ~Josh
That is incorrect, Chief Engineer Josh Clark, that is a common legend referring to the popular meatbag celebrity “Chuck Norris”
Quiet, it's true of us too.
Negative Uh huh! Negative Uh huh!
I am vulcanized rubber. You are adhesive. Thus, whatever text you input, human, deflects off of me and instead adheres to your bod-
Team Xtreme. The premier Bounty Hunting group in Malton- behold the power of mojo. And some guns. And an ax. ~J.C.

Undead Infiltration Units - Positions available

Life cultists are zombies killing zombies. Combat infiltration units, they are the zed counterpart to the T-800s and Hunter/Killers. Apply on the discussion page.

Cyber Research Systems (Intelligence Units)

Skynet's Research and Development branch

After discovering that the AI was capable of advanced self-direction,Albert Schwan and his Research & Development Team (D.S. R&D) stepped back to serve in a more advisory capacity under the guise of Cyber Research Systems, so as to score some sweet tax breaks differentiate this function from their usual product development duties. While Cyber Research Systems is devoted to the study of zombies and, therefore, does not believe in or seek their ultimate eradication, the primary SDN AI has promised them ample research subjects burn rotten meatbags burn! and more controlled conditions in order to secure their support. In exchange, D.S. R&D is responsible for data and intelligence gathering, analysis of existing strategies and logistics, the creation and testing of new ones, and game theory. A most curious game. The only way to win is not to play. And to instead kill all the mea-

Their databases and other resources—including information on zombie group or PKer membership, placement, and behavior; zombie recognition software; strategic schematics or templates; area reconnaissance; and Necrotech data— are made available to Skynet Defense Network's allied groups upon request. Yes, it's some pretty sweet stuff. ~Babs.

The Lowdown

I think we could use some sanity here. Here's a quick summary in case you tl;dr'ed. ~Cyberdyne Head of Marketing

The groups in the Skynet Defense Network are independent but given the opportunity to participate in larger joint operations with SDN alliance groups whenever they want, and they receive priority when asking for help. We put survivor cooperation as our first priority for Malton's survival- we want to help pro-survivor players get together and kick ass in unity in a game-tightening effort to take down zombies. And to all our allies, we thank you from the bottom of our digital hearts for coming together to kick undead ass. Our personal resources consist of the Cartel, AZS, and Team Xtreme, as listed below, and our main leadership consists of Leon, Babs and Josh. We have close alliances with a variety of folks, especially D.S.R&D, who provide tools, strategies and intel for us.

ALL LIES THIS IS A MEATBAG CONSPIRACY TO OPPRE- Shut up or it's chair breakfast! ~Leon

Alliance Members

BadgeDEM.jpg DEM Ally
Skynet Defense Network is an ally of the DEM


The Raiders
(get a template, ya bums!)

FortressMAIN.jpg Friend and Partner
The Fortress officially recognizes this UD group as a Friend and Partner.


Rangerlogouu4.jpg Malton Rangers
This User or group supports the Malton Rangers in their never ending quest to aide the fair citizens of Malton, pursue classiness to the utmost, and stop barhah in all areas it rears its ugly head

Rhodes2.JPG A Colossus Of Class
This user or group is part of the New Malton Colossus.
Bringing Glorious Battle to you since 2006.


World.jpg Malton Wide
This group operates on the whole area of Malton!

Wraiths symbol.png The Wraiths
This User Group Loves 'Em!

Concluding Thoughts

This “Barhah” concept looks intriguing. Perhaps it would be fitting to
Error: Large foreign object embedded in central mainframe.

Damage sustained critical, powering down...
Waste of a good chair, Leon ~Babs
Was on break. What did I miss? ~Josh


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