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Personal Info

Office of the Potsmaster General

Level 35 Military (Scout). My UD profile. I also keep a blog of my travels and serve as Potsmaster General for the Malton Postal Service. I have been dead six times: just another day's work for a dedicated mailman.

Current Whereabouts

Ridleybank, that's right, Ridleybank. It's all part of a Cunning Plan to defy and irritate the RRF.

Past Exploits


I've got a mobile phone, and I know how to use it! Exchange profile IDs with me, so we can talk in-game. I also like to be able to identify friends (and enemies), even when they are dead.


Players whom I would trust with my life:

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People and organizations who've done me a good turn:

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MPS Delivers!
Proud Employee of the Malton Postal Service
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8/18/06 - 10/13/06, 11/5/06 -

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