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ENVY the Game
Abbreviation ENVY
Group Numbers Growing
Leadership TreeBob
Goals World Peace
Recruitment Policy Must have a pulse
Contact Use the discussion page or TreeBob.

History of ENVY

Coming Soon


ENVY is a pro survivor group with the primary long term goal of protecting the citizens of Malton. To accomplish this task, ENVY members will fight any zombie hordes that threaten the local suburbs under our watch, while our medical staff heal and revive where needed. In addition, we secure buildings, supply generators and radio transmitters - Whatever is needed, we can do it!! ENVY members are always ready to aid other survivor groups in the area - if you need our assistance, just speak up.

ENVY welcomes all classes and levels. Benefit from having close friends and teammates just around the corner: priority healing, fast revives, added firepower, and best of all, someone to watch your back while you sleep.


ENVY is currently divided into four divisions of which are controlled by their "Leader"

South West Division

The South West Division of Envy is set up in North Blytheville and Brooksville, it is currently lead by NaughtyTreeBob

North West Division

Richmond Hills and Havercroft is home to the well-known North-West Division. There permanent HQ of operations is Carle Street PD TheReckoning1

Nomad Division

Currently somewhere in East Becktown

South East Division

Baws has set up the South-east Division in Pegton and Vinetown.

Radio Information

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
ENVY has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency:27.47 MHz

Know what you are talking about.
Malton Citizens Broadcast
This user or group follows the
Radio Transmission Conduct Protocol

Group Rating:

The Envy Forum

The Latest News From The Forefront.

Inter-Group relations

Supported Policies
Policies Supported By Envy

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