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Banokles stands 6ft 2" tall, and is muscular, with broad-shoulders. He has long blond hair appearing underneath his fireman's helmet, and piercing blue eyes.

When he's not killing zeds, reviving folk or searching malls, he'll probably be cleaning and sharpening his axe, or reading, or doing both, whilst cracking jokes. (being a rare breed of man who can multi-task). He lives by the mantra "Look after your axe, and your axe will look after you."

The son of a Greek WW2 hero and a British Wren (Women's Royal Naval Service), Banokles grew up within the Greek ex-pat Community living in Crowbank. Although in his youth he had dreamed of following his father into the Greek Army, the political instability in Greece during late 60s and early 70s dissuaded him. Banokles instead joined the Greek fire service, serving for nearly 30 years in the Argos Fire Brigade.

It was the death of his father, Leonides, that brought Banokles back to Malton in the spring of 2005. His funeral was held at St Emelia's Church in Crowbank. Leonides death hit his widow Margaret hard, and she was admitted to St Ethelberts Hospital in Roftwood shortly after the funeral. Banokles spent the next three months at his mother's bedside. And so it was that, when the zombie outbreak occured, Banokles was stranded in Roftwood. When the zombies descended on the hospital, and Banokles' mother got out of bed for the first time in months to join the undead legions, Banokles was distraught. He could not bring himself to kill his own mother, and fled to the one place where he thought he could be safe, Guilford Avenue Fire Station.

For the next two years Banokles struggled to survive, using his fire-fighting skills and his mighty axe in ways he'd never been trained in. When it was safe to do so, Banokles searched for his zombiefied mother, ready with a needle or an axe. He never found her, but always returning to Roftwood. One day he discovered that St Ethelberts Hospital was full of life again, it had become a place where hope and humour had resurfaced. Banokles hadn't laughed for two years, but soon found himself immersed in the jokes. He began to feel happy and relaxed.

Then the LUE came, destroying the hospital. In that one act of destruction, Banokles came to a realisation. Malton was on the cusp, the zombie hordes were increasing, each district was falling faster than it could rise again. Hope was fading, they were on their own and have to fight back. The few organised survivor groups were far less co-ordinated than the undead legions. Banokles realised that survival depended on key personnel surviving long enough to found humanity again. Survival depended on a rock, a foundation which could be held when all else was lost. He set off to Dulston, determined to set up a new group, The Foundation.

Yet in Dulston Banokles found only despair. The survivors distrusted each other, and murderers roamed the streets, playing on this distrust, driving the wedge deeper. When the LUE reached Dulston the suburb fell quickly. Banokles had been wrong. This was not the place for The Foundation to be born.

He returned to Roftwood and again befriended the Malton Medical Staff, just in time to see chaos descend yet again on Roftwood, as the Big Bash 2 and RRF destroyed the suburb. Now it was a fight for life, as each time St Ethelberts Hospital and Roftwood was rebuilt a new horde descended on it. Finally Banokles broke. He couldn't cope any longer, and fled north, looking for that elusive thing. HOPE.

Fleeing through ruined suburbs, waking up dead more often than not, Banokles realised that his lone-wolf lifestyle could continue no longer. He needed a co-ordinated group, so he returned to his old life, and joined the Malton Fire Department

Having excelled in their training academy, Banokles was assigned to North West Two, home to Extinction the vilest of the undead hordes. He could not settle in this desolate landscape, and so went AWOL, wandering the streets of Malton, and gradually being drawn home to Roftwood.

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