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Mac Eldridge.jpg
Profile: #1289644
Joined: 2008-06-27
Class: Civilian
Current Level: 23
Current Status: Alive
Location: Giddings Mall
Groups: Shades of malton, Malton Police Department
MPD Badge: #N/A

How did I get into this mess?

He joined the military at a young age, quickly rising through the ranks to Sergeant. He became part of a Paratrooper Battalion, quickly gaining a reputation for his never asking his men to do anything he wouldnt. This battalion had nicknamed themselves, "The Shades". After several years of combat, most of the original shades retired or were dead. Most went to civilian life. After a few years of service, retired and became an officer of the law.

He served as a Liutenant and Negotiator in the Malton Police Department. He was often known for taking classes in firearms and hand-to-hand combat, although Malton very rarely offered the use of these skills. In his spare time, he worked as a dispatcher and became quite accustomed to Radio use.

Outside his job, he assisted his friend in building houses, learning basic construction. To keep in shape, He began running through the constrution sites, gaining some ability in free running.

He enjoyed this new life, but found it rather boring. He was the first responder to the original report of cannibalistic homicide. Realizing the evidence from the scene was labeled "NT", he began his investigation into NecroTech facilities. He continues his search for the truth.

Combat Gear

Raging Bull Revolver

Prototype Sawed-off Shotgun

Black Fire Axe

Kevlar Vest (Black)

Radio (on Shades frequency)

Important Developments

Mac Eldridge has made some interesting changes and skills during his time with the Shades.

- Set up security cameras at SHADES HQ and established proper training facilities.

SawedOffDoubleBarrel.jpg Currently developing scopes for pistols and shotguns to improve accuracy NecroTech Files.jpg Is investigating claims of NecroTech involvement in the outbreak. Book.png Has written a book on Zombies, including behavior, capabilities, and revivement.


Drill instructor ribbon.gif Drill Instructor Ribbon

Nato Ribbon.gif NATO Ribbon

Wings.jpg Shades Veteran

Overseas service ribbon.gif Overseas Service Ribbon

Officer Ribbon.gif Officer Ribbon

HDU Ribbon.gif Home Defense Unit Ribbon

Shades Occupation Ribbon.gif Shades Occupation Ribbon

Weapon Specialist.gif Elite Has all Military Skills

Scientific Breakthrough.gif Scientific Breakthrough Has all Science Skills

Urban Survivalist Award.gif Urban Survivalist Award Has all Civilian Skills

Human Excellence Award.gif Human Excellence Award Has all Human Skills

Navy Pistol.gif Pistol Marksman Advanced Pistol Skill

Navy Rifle.gif Rifle Marksman Advanced Shotgun Skill

Head Surgeon Ribbon.gif Head Surgeon Ribbon Diagnosis and Surgeon Skill

Mall Raider.gif Mall Raider Bargain Hunting Skill

Radioman Ribbon.gif Expert Radioman Radio Operator Skill

NecroNet Access.gif NecroNet Expert NecroNet Access Skill

Knife Expert.gif Melee Expert Knife and Axe Combat Skills

Propaganda Ribbon.gif Propaganda Ribbon Tagging Skill

Expert Engineer.gif Expert Engineer Construction Skill

Expert Marksmanship Ribbon.gif Expert Marksmanship Headshot Skill‎

Obstacle Course Achievement.gif Obstacle Course Achievement Free Running Skill

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