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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Well, a zombie apocalypse, for one thing.

Latest Notes

Action... no, wait

Lots happening with zombie attacks in the SE portion of Tollyton (NT center, revival point, fire station, and a couple of hospitals). It's not easy to get there without putting yourself outside, but I found a path and meant to rest up in a nearby bar (Ferguson Arms), within relatively easy striking distance of several key buildings.

However, I decided to get smart and zip back to the Auto Repair shop I'd come through, in Wrayton, and picked up a fuel can. Okay, that should come in handy. Great!

Unfortunately my next thought was to go to the closest hospital and refuel the genny so I could look for FAKs, sure to be needed. Unfortunate because the building was ruined, which put me back outside. I made it back to our junkyard with 1 AP to spare. Beachrat 11:55, 12 February 2012 (UTC)

PS - Almost forgot: yesterday I killed a zombie :)

Getting to Free Running

Finally Ready

Okay! Took a while to find enough stray zombies to get to 75 XPs, but I finally did yesterday, and picked up free running. Verrrry convenient. Stored up some APs then hopped to a hospital and grabbed a FAK, then this morning went to the nearest police station and picked up a flak jacket, extra pistol, three clips, and a flare gun. Nice haul, if I do say so myself. Still have my fuel can in case I run into a spent generator, and otherwise at least minimally ready to rack up the XPs with a little less anxiety :) - Beachrat 10:53, 9 February 2012 (UTC)

Zombie bashing

Have been hanging out the past couple of days in a junkyard, where I found a rusty knife. 20% effectiveness, which beats the heck out of a (30%) pistol with no ammo, or bare hands at 10%.

Yesterday I super conveniently found a zombie outside the nearby firehouse, and have picked up 18 XP in two runs on the APs I've been able to grab. Between my runs someone else had a go (or several someones), so he's down in the teens now. I probably won't be able to get back there before someone else ganks him, which is a pity since I hear there's a bonus for the last blow. Oh well that's life in the big undead city. Beachrat 10:41, 7 February 2012 (UTC)

Quick recon

Zipped around the vicinity, used up almost all of my APs pounding relatively ineffectively on the barricades around the Winward PD. Buildings updated:

Sherren Bldg - mobile phone mast lights blinking, EHB

Sidoli Bldg - EHB, lights on, 2 DBs outside

Sears Auto Repair - EHB, lights on

Friend PD - EHB, lights on

Winward PD - VHB, 1 DB outside. No lights.

Also, used my FAKs on Spanky McFark, who finally made it to the warehouse from Roftwood. Beachrat 12:03, 5 February 2012 (UTC)

A fuel can!

I don't know; it seemed exciting at the time. Anyway, I've wandered around a little bit more, not keeping good notes but updating a few buildings here and there. I'm determined to break into one of the police stations and hang out there until I'm stocked up on ammo. Both of them were at Extremely Heavily Barricaded the last time I checked, but melee weapons to gain XP takes so long! And that surprise mauling was annoying, plus after that I think that zed followed me back to St Boniface's, and busted in. By sheer chance I was online and saw the notification, managed to shut the doors before he got in (I think), and barely got out. Probably while he feasted on a bunch of strangers' brains but hey, times are tough.

At any rate, I have a couple of FAKs at the moment, so I thought I'd see if I could pick up some fuel and headed to the safe warehouse near Prangnell Arms. Found a couple of Farkers already there, and as noted, found a fuel can almost right away. Low on APs but by tonight: action! Beachrat 16:34, 4 February 2012 (UTC)

The first week

Another stroll

Only up to 35 APs, but scouted around a bit for other Strong (versus heavy) barricades for myself and other Fark folks. There are a bunch of Fark survivors and zombies in the vicinity, which makes it odd when I run across a zombie. Is it a friend or foe, or a friend who nonetheless may try to eat my brains? If I have them in my contacts I can tell who they are, but I know I don't have all Farkers in my list yet.

I made a fair number of entries in the wiki, updating buildings, but will have to reconstruct later. I ignored a zombie on the St Boniface steps on the way out, but as I was coming back to base, I decided to whack him with my fire axe. Let me tell you, a 10% accuracy on a fire axe makes it pretty damn useless. I never landed a blow, and as I was running out of APs, I decided to go the FAK route instead. Got him from 20 HPs to 35 (adding to my XPs) before ducking back into the hospital. Overall I think the zed made out pretty well on that encounter. Beachrat 05:57, 3 February 2012 (UTC)


FAKed to full HPs while I was sleeping, still at St. Boniface's to get back up to 50 APs. Gathered another FAK but can't find anyone to use them on. Beachrat 16:34, 2 February 2012 (UTC)


Went out briefly this morning, and was brutally attacked. It was weird -- one click onto a square, and about seven messages came up with attacks. I don't quite understand how this game works. I immediately clicked away, but if I had stayed to try to figure out what was going on, I guess I would have been dead in another nanosecond. Definitely need to get a Flak Jacket. If I can ever get into a Police Station.

Lost 24 HPs and scampered back to Marcus General Hospital, only to find it now Heavily Barricaded. Thanks a lot guys.

Luckily had a few APs left and got into the Lake Street Fire Station. Offered and asked for FAKs, no takers (or givers). Rested up a bit, then made my way north to St Boniface's Hospital, which is at the recommended Very Strongly Barricaded level. Whew! Will rest here and hope for FAKs -- if I have to use my own FAKs on myself (missing out on the XPs, which is most of the whole point!) at least I want to be somewhere I can possibly find more.

Recon Run

When I checked back, someone had checked into Marcus General Hospital, where I've been hanging out, and said he needed a FAK. Hooray! Used my FAK on him for 5 XP, and raising him from 1 to 6HP. Wow he really did need that FAK. I searched again, hoping to put another together, but couldn't find enough supplies. I was still up around 40 APs so I figured I should stick to my original idea. Went west, not finding too much new, updating a few buildings.

Found two zeds and attacked -- finally broke my pool cue over one of them, hitting twice for a grand total now of 14 XP. Getting to 75 is going to take forever, but such is life in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Malton.

Second Steps

Now I'm back to wandering around the city. I've found several buildings not too heavily barricaded, but not seen any zombies. (The cool kids call them "zeds".) Right now I'm hanging out in a hospital, finally put together my first FAK (first aid kit), and will go wander around a little before bed to see if I can find any zeds to knock around. My initial goal is to build up enough XP to buy the free running skill.

The Beginnings

  • Joined 2012-01-27 00:42:01.
  • So far I've been attacked once (when I fell asleep at an inconvenient time and place), and successfully attacked a zombie to earn a few experience points (XPs). Luckily, I decided to batter my way into a fire station, did so successfully, and while I was resting a random stranger healed me about five times (I only needed once, but hey thanks dude). I also picked up a shotgun shell and a radio. (I started out with a pistol and three clips, and I've used two.)
  • Since then, I've found Undead Fark headquarters (for survivors), and hung out there for a while to rebuild all of my activity points (APs). Of course it is a pub, so while there I picked up a couple of beers and a cue stick.