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This username matches my one with WikiPedia and other WikiMedia sites. My Urban Dead characters are listed below, as is my site.

Organised Adversary


I try to keep these characters away from each other and from working with or near each other as much as possible. Although finding locations that are safe from zombies isn't easy at the moment and they may, occasionally, stay in the same location until I can separate them again. A couple of them started in areas very close to where others, like Hasimir (my original character), already were.

Primary character

  1. Hasimir, a Fireman, Zombie Hunter and member of The Grove.

This is my first character which I have recently started using again.

Old characters

These characters I no longer have access to because I forgot/lost the passwords and they're not linked to email address. They will only be restored if I ever find any record of the passwords.

  1. Reanimator2, a NecroTech and member of the People's Liberation of East Becktown.
  2. Farad'n Corrino, a Fireman, Zombie Hunter and member of the Caiger Mall Survivors.
  3. Jorj McKie, a Fireman and Zombie Hunter.
  4. Stephen Franklin, a Doctor.
  5. Alfred Bester, a Psi Cop and Zombie Hunter.
  6. Hoburn Wash, a Fireman and Zombie Hunter.
  7. Archbishop Daniel Mannix, a Fireman of the cloth.
  8. John Wren, a soldier.
  9. Squizzy Taylor, a soldier.
  10. The late Kerry Packer, a billionaire Fireman.
  11. James Packer, a billlionaire Fireman.
  12. Lachlan Murdoch, an heir and Fireman who is looking for his Daddy.

Miscellaneous characters

Zombies. There aren't enough zombies in the game at the moment, so I have a handful scattered across the map. I don't keep track of them real well, though, and usually only log in to use them once I've used up all my AP for Hasimir, Reanimator2 and other survivors.

The zombies are not played as zergers or with any kind of overall motive. They just shamble around and kill anything they encounter, they are zombies after all.


Player Killer records

I have begun to document incidents in which characters of mine have fallen prey to player killing. I tend to consider any character that PKs one of my characters as fair game.

Antagonistic Memberships

Since membership lists of various organisations are not maintained in the a articles for each group, I am maintaining my own lists of members of certain antagonistic groups.

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