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Former occupation: Unknown
Member of: Creedy Guerilla Raiders
Goals: Unknown
Current Status: Alive and well; leader of the Creedy Guerilla Raiders



General Information

Founding and leading the Raiders

Former original founder and former original leader of the Creedy Guerilla Raiders, nobody knows who he was or what he did before he took up arms against the oppressive Creedy Defense Force and formed the CGR in January 2006. During his guerilla war against the Creedy Defense Force, he was believed to have died via suicide in early May 2006 and never heard from again for several months until reappearing. Some believe that he comitted suicide by shooting himself in the head. These rumors however, came to be false, as he resurfaced on July 5 2006, storming into Fort Creedy, blowing away two Creedy Defense Force members while spouting Biblical tracts at the top of his lungs. He then promptly ran out of the building before anyone could do anything. He has made several attacks and rants since then, notably in Giddings Mall. He seemed to have taken a new appearance as well. The Creedy Guerilla Raiders claimed to have no knowledge of his re-appearance, which may indicate he had acted alone that time around.

The second return of BenzinDevil

From July 5 2006 to September 2006, he embarked on a spreee of religious killings of members of the Creedy Defense Force as well as several other groups and people. It is known that he once hated the Creedy Defense Force with a passion, as this is now unknown, due to the fact it seemed he decided that he was required to vanquish the sins of a corrupt humankind by killing those deemed to be sinners in need of purification. That would explain the highly religious extremist tone of his violent acts comitted between July and September of 2006. He was believed to be mentally unstable at the time. That, coupled with his highly-religious attitude transformed him into an even worse and more armed and extremely dangerous man than he was when he was leader of the Creedy Guerilla Raiders. He was occasionally seen wavering a massive thick King James Bible in one hand as he killed his targets. He is also known for wielding a combat knife which holds the design of Jesus on a cruicifix. He is, however, most noted for his insane spoutings of Biblical tracts and various quotes from the New Testament as he attacks those who he deems as "sinners". In September of 2006, his killings ceased and he dissapeared once again without a trace, and nobody claims to have any knowlege of his whereabouts or what he is currently doing, although there are rumors as always. The prevailing rumor was that an assassin hired by the leader of Redrum at the time, Sirens Discord, shot him from atop the quarantine walls and Benzin was assumed to be killed.

"I heard you were dead" - Rumors of BenzinDevil sightings in Malton

Recently as of July 2008, 2 years after his assumed death, there have been rumors of sightings of him in Malton with apparently no masks or coverings over his face, and an eyepatch over his left eye, which he had not had prior to his dissapearance.


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