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This is Big Nixon suckas - Retired Online Commander of Team Zombie Hardcore. Big Nixon has been reincarnated by Dhavid Grohl Check out that page for greater understanding and a totally Hardcore video.

Big Nixon loves killing Zeds, but he loves killing PKers even more. So far he has over 600 Zombie kills to his name, and in the first 2 days of his time as an AntiPKer he has dropped his fair share of them as well. If you see this guy show some respect, if you're a PKer you'd better beware, but for all you honest citizens of Malton: you can sleep easier knowing Big Nixon is around.

For the record, Big Nixon is a character run by Tiger Striped Dog, contacts for Big Nixon should be redirected to Tiger Striped Dog via Wiki Page or Email at TigerStripedDog didn't want to have to create a seperate user page for his character, and start a seperate user account for Big Nixon, but the mods around here made him do it... to "save space". Talk about dumb.

Note: The two "Nixons" (Big Nixon and Papa Nixon) are not in fact "alts". We are roomates, and we thought it would be funny... and way back in fall of '05 it was... but now everyone thinks we are zergers... and we are not. Get the story straight people.

We are sorry to see Big Nixon go, he has done so much for so many, and been thanked so little. You go in honor, and in glory. Farewell Hero.