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All You Need to Know About Billy Club Thorton

  • He is always impeccably dressed and almost never in dirty or blood-stained clothing.
  • He is a member of Red Rum.
  • He has a DORIS sig, so he is probably your dad.
My DORIS sig
blackmatter made this awesome sig for me!
Play on Names
This user received a template with his likeness. Get it?
The Billy Club - The most exclusive club EVAH

Show You Care, Please Report

Rogue's Gallery

Each murder is one too many. ~Jurgen Habermas

Started keeping track on: Billy Club Thorton 06:05, 20 December 2007 (UTC)

  1. Martin van Nostren. Group: Malton Rangers. Commando is the only way to go.
  2. Big Herm. Group: Malton Civil Defense Unit. I didn't realize people still had MySpace pages.
  3. Willy Makeit. Group: Malton Civil Defense Unit. Like your quote, but you have a typo.
  4. Gorgomath. Group: DA Freelance Bounty Hunter. What on earth is a freelance bounty hunter?
  5. Martin van Nostren. Group: Malton Rangers. I thought I said sleeping in malls was a bad idea.
  6. drewkitty. Group: Malton Fire Department. I can't shake the feeling that I've killed them before.
  7. Gorgomath. Group: DA Freelance Bounty Hunter. BH with 4 HP? Must be my lucky day!
  8. Chuck Norris' Beard. Ugg. Chuck Norris references make me ill.
  9. Anne Greene. Group: RCDC. Ever notice how there are no ugly women in Malton?
  10. well digger. 1 HP! Might not have killed him if he had a profile.
  11. Gorgomath. Group: DA Freelance Bounty Hunter. OK, now I'm starting to feel bad for you.
  12. FiremanDoMo. Group: Rhodenbank Civil Defense Corps. No profile makes me a sad panda.
  13. DaytonDead. Group: Malton Fire Department. Nirvana blows.
  14. Largoa. No profile. No material for a witty remark.
  15. Crazy Horse. Great profile. I love the "guns are secondary to syringes" part.
  16. Thor Ellis. Group: Malton Police Department. That assault rifle didn't do you much good.
  17. Hank Doom. Group: Doom Family. If you are a BHer, don't sleep in Malls!
  18. Jim Thorvane. Group: Malton Civil Defense Unit. Executed for PANCAKE related offenses.
  19. Dr Nightingale. Group: Malton Defense Corporation. Your fashion style is atrocious.
  20. Romario Lebenon. Group: HomeSweetHome. No one cares how many zombies you kill. They only care when you kill survivors.
  21. Sandra Tyler. Group: Pole Mall Security. God I love mall cops.
  22. Rudy Cooper. Group: Nazi Zombies. Dumb group.
  23. brian mercat. Group: Malhalla. Proudest PKer moment right here. A toast to Mr. mercat!
  24. MissRedRum. Group: Olney Militia. Killed for their name.
  25. Faharo. Group: Army Control Corps. Nice, if a bit generic, profile.
  26. cpl riley. Group: Army Control Corps. For being "fresh and unscathed" you sure have bloody clothing.
  27. Winnan. Group: Malton Police Department. Nice clean uniform. Kudos.
  28. Marcel Swann. Group: Malton Rangers. I think you might be the first time traveler that I have killed.
  29. Zippo Marx. Group: Malton Fire Department. Apparently he has a thing for kissing posteriors.
  30. SergeantSadist. Group: Legends Of Darkness. Next time finish the job.
  31. dwek. Group: Ackland Mall Security. I would rather get a mammogram than find a parking space. Seriously.
  32. danr. Group: Malton Rangers. Killed them before, but picked this time because I hate their profile.
  33. daaad123. Group: Army Control Corps. More like Marine Containment Unit.
  34. AndrewR. Group: Creedy Defense Force ( Malakim). CDF? You're a long way from home son.
  35. Shinobi1. Group: High-Tech Special Forces Unit FOXHOUND. Ninja<Pirate.
  36. FireOfficer. Group: Ackland Mall Security. I've never seen a fire in Malton. He must be doing his job.
  37. Madaline Lewis. Group: Malton Restoration Society. "Alot" is 2 words.
  38. Andy Bauer. Group: Malton Civil Defense Unit. Police trenchies. What a riot.
  39. Goth Store Owner. Group: The Goth Store. I really felt bad killing him cause his profile is so freakin' great.
  40. 1hminen. No profile. REALLY dumb name.
  41. donteatelmo. Group: Ackland Mall Security. Great profile, a pleasure to collect.
  42. ShogoKawada. Group: reddit_survivors. First reddit kill and part of a hat trick.
  43. Brandon Mead. Hat Trick part dos.
  44. LordChamp001. Hat Trick part tres.
  45. Teresa Ratheri. When people put "please revive" on their profile, I always wonder if they realize that their zombie and survivor profiles are different.
  46. Tupoc. East Coast>West Coast. Seriously. I will cut you over this.

Bounty Hunters who have claimed bounties on me

Started keeping track on:  Billy Club Thorton  T!  RR  17:13, 14 August 2011 (BST)

  1. brian mercat. Group: Malhalla. This guy is my favorite bounty hunter and a honorable mention. Gotten me at least 4 times.
  2. fcriseku. Don't want to play coy? That's the ONLY way to play!
  3. Erica Rackham. Group: The Saints. Always nice to be claimed by a fellow academic. I have another quote for you, "I'm about as tall as a shotgun, and just as noisy." Truman Capote
  4. nomatr1. Group: The Spanish Inquisition. Apparently the meek, and those without ammo, do inherit nothing. Get ready for some wristwatch Crisco!
  5. tookey23. Group: The Saints. Apparently he is an hero.
  6. Madaline Lewis. Group: Malton Restoration Society. Either she's a BHer or she's mad I pointed out her bad grammar.
  7. Jerome FartKnocker. Group: Malton Marshals. Great profile. Glad to see the Marshals finally figured out that PKers hide in dark buildings.

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