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You like me, you really like me!

LET'S GO 500!

  1. Snackwell.
  2. Vincent Mk2
  3. Wanchope Group: The Malton Zookeepers
  4. Fenix397Group: The Malton Zookeepers
  5. Jeffminator, for being a snitch. Group: The Malton Zookeepers
  6. TomahawkW. Group: Pubcrawlers.
  7. Blood Panther. Group: The Malton Zookeepers
  8. Yo Eleven. Group: The Malton Zookeepers
  9. CombiChrist
  10. SolaarPowered. Group: The Malton Zookeepers
  11. Hasmodia. Group: The Malton Zookeepers.
  12. Jeffminator, again. This is what you get for snitching, kids. Group: The Malton Zookeepers.
  13. Poringez.
  14. dontshootimstoned. Group: Team Zombie Hardcore.
  15. Jason Fitch. Group: Team Zombie Hardcore.
  16. Craptaculon, for being a snitch. Group: Malton Fire Department.
  17. dontshootimstoned, again. Group: Team Zombie Hardcore
  18. Ieattheliving. My first brain rot harman kill!
  19. Cat's Squirrel.
  20. headlessagnew. Group: Team Zombie Hardcore.
  21. Cyrus Mcbaine. Yet another Team Zombie Hardcore.
  22. mindripper. Group: Team Zombie Hardcore.
  23. shortspace2. Group: The Profile Police.
  24. Scampy. Executed for being a snitch. Group: Dead vs Blue SWEEPZ.
  25. scurley7. Group: The Revolution.
  26. Scampy. Executed for being a stoolie again. Group: Dead vs Blue SWEEPZ.
  27. Acherontia Styx. Executed for the retardedness of his profile.
  28. Avatarded. Part of this year's Red Rum Valentine Strike!
  29. mouserusker. Co-founder of Tompson Mall Security, love it when I get a celebrity! Again part of this year's Red Rum Valentine Strike!
  30. saragrabowski. Kill number 30!
  31. Dead Naught. A Dual Naturalist!
  32. Tomato Bob. Tied to The Pryor Building and a rotter!
  33. paul gibbon. Executed for not having a light.
  34. TrackZero. Group: Evil Avatar.
  35. Sly Stallone. Executed for riding his brother's coattails.
  36. Poopsmith Pazuzu.
  37. David Barker. Group: Army Control Corps.
  38. Joffery. I broke my no mustache rule for this guy. He decided to bed down in my safe house and I wasn't in the mood for company.
  39. whitecoated. Group: Dead Poets Society.
  40. Skyvia. Group: ¡Creedy Defense Force!
  41. Bo Fukedup. Gawd, I hate rednecks.
  42. Sydney666. Group: Malton Nemesis Militia.
  43. Gabriel Ryder.
  44. Random Scout 001. Group: ABR.
  45. Duke Garland. Group: Liberation of Crossman Department.
  46. Harry Barbitch.
  47. Zombie5000. Group: Shack Reborn.
  48. Stathis Moridin. Requested to be killed. Hmm, oh well, still counts.
  49. Private L Jenkins. Group: ABR. Gawd, I hate WoW references.
  50. A Ninja strikes and. Group: Ninja Restoration Services. Woot! Number 50! I felt bad killing this guy because he had the coolest name, but 8 hp is 8 hp.
  51. victim 69. He was actually victim #51, but oh well.
  52. 'Spider'. Group: ¡Creedy Defense Force!
  53. Maxwell Harbord.
  54. ihavenopatience.
  55. headless gunner. Group: ¡Creedy Guerrilla Raiders! Yet another casualty of the Great Military Biscuit War, and my first real celebrity kill.
  56. Wompey. Group: Davemerica.
  57. Colette. Group: Malton Police Department, and another celebrity!
  58. Zombie Vanek. Group: UD Fark.
  59. Corralis.
  60. Amber Rose. Group: RCDC.
  61. Dr Needlehacker.
  62. Isekel.
  63. RunSnoopyRun.
  64. Callum Mullen.
  65. 6ko6.
  66. Slaujer.
  67. garp13.
  68. Medic487.
  69. Kevin McDonald. Group: The Burchell Arms Regulars.
  70. FlyGuy II. Group: Malton Pimp Alliance.
  71. Zebediah Ford.
  72. ZERGBOT 0110. Group: ZERGBOT.
  73. DrEmma.
  74. Sharada.
  75. Eli Whitney. Killing the stupid fuckers group. Killed for being a zerg and having a dumb profile/group.
  76. pwnedubitch.
  77. blowdownXD.
  78. Miss Mary Poppins.
  79. Adrian Sayre. Tompson Mall Security.
  80. Kinamoji Terenko. R.E.D.
  81. yankstar. MPD
  82. littleorv29.
  83. Steve Palme. Special Tactics And Rescue Squad.
  84. C30ff.
  85. Doc Dollywood.
  86. Katja Stravinsky.
  87. Wyzeguy6. Group: Imperium.
  88. sid1138B. Group: Imperium.
  89. Ammemet.
  90. Skymike. Group: I.R.A.T.E..
  91. Zackbo. Group: I.R.A.T.E..
  92. Claymore Swift.
  93. preppiekiller1. Group: BLACKOUT.
  94. Biff Manslab. Group: zom.
  95. mkoII. Group: Imperium.
  96. Dark Hideous. Group: Cadejo.
  97. sid1138B. Group: Imperium.
  98. Necrotech Ghost. Group: zom.
  99. Mordus.
  100. Akule. Group: Cannibal Corps. Number 100! Woot!
  101. Little Cat.
  102. bigboss135. Group: FOXHOUND.
  103. pvt human. Group: Metal Fox.
  104. MrBaja. Group: Creedy Defense Force¡
  105. Mark Oxley.
  106. NJskyhawk. Group: I.R.A.T.E.. Killed for being on the zerg liste.
  107. Mr Tee Man. Group: Gibsonton Defense Alliance.
  108. Alex Mark.
  109. GSwarthout. Group: Extinction.
  110. COMBUSTINATOR. Group: Dual Nature.
  111. Nomada Nemesis.
  112. Diane Fosley.
  113. Ronald Bellcraft.
  114. Luthorian. Group: Army Control Corps.
  115. Dweeezul. Group: The 4-H.
  116. JebadiahChrist. Group: zom.
  117. wealthysoup. Group: Phoenix Security Services.
  118. Skipr. Group: MCDU.
  119. Dargoff. Group: Team Zombie Hardcore.
  120. Wayne Enders. Group: Team Zombie Hardcore.
  121. dontshootimstoned AGAIN! Group: Team Zombie Hardcore.
  122. Knife Man1. Group: Crimson Clan.
  123. Matthew Giles. Group: E.L.I.T.E.. A zerg.
  124. brian mercat. Group: Malhalla. Payed him back in the same!
  125. Ann Fetamin Group: Those Dudes.
  126. Paw Teotwawki. Group: Malton Fire Department.
  127. playertfour.
  128. Officer Madmartigan. Group: The Saints.
  129. Alexander Karelin. Group: Team Zombie Hardcore. Death by suplex, sad story really.
  130. xydor. Group: Olney Militia.
  131. riot nerrrd. Group: The Losers.
  132. Sergeant Bobbo. Group: Creedy Defense Force. First kill of Creedystock.
  133. Kollos71.
  134. Sane Scientist.
  135. jesseduff. Group: Creedy Defense Force.
  136. paranoid chiller. At 1 HP, PKer crack lol.
  137. DrRavingburger. Group: Creedy Defense Force.
  138. Matt Spencer. Group: Creedy Defense Force.
  139. Aco. Group: Creedy Defense Force.
  140. Biggfoo. Group: The Dead.
  141. Cyrus Flynn. Group: COMBAT REVIVE.
  142. Tight Rope. Group: Channel 4 News Team.
  143. joeyCT.
  144. Tasha Dexter.
  145. treeko411.
  146. Angyalka Nerezz.
  147. blinddank.
  148. ActingUpAgain.
  149. Brian Bolan. Group: 4HM.
  150. Cheeseman Muncher. Group: The Randoms. Some kinda sysop of some no-name wiki apparently.
  151. SatampraZeiros. Group: The Randoms.
  152. DanceDanceRevolution. Group: Allied Travellers Organisation (sic; copied directly from his profile).
  153. DanceDanceRevolution. Group: Allied Travellers Organisation. Again.
  154. Nick Sawbones. Group: Malton Rangers.
  155. Angry Hamish. Group: The Randoms.
  156. Stone Parts. Group: Dead vs Blue.
  157. Richard Rose. Group: Creedy Defense Force.
  158. JackAscii. Group: The Randoms.
  159. Jynnyssa. Group: U.S. ARMY INFANTRY.
  160. m100. Group: U.S. ARMY INFANTRY.
  161. Munch McCrunchy. Group: Caiger Mall Survivors.
  162. Sendmehome.
  163. RedRaider. Group: Communist Party of Malton.
  164. Sarah Malone. Killed for having bad taste in music.
  165. nilloc97. Group: The Fortress.
  166. rollopink.
  167. hotbubba. Group: jews.
  168. MR Chapel. Group: Vengeance Unlimited.
  169. Waren J.
  170. Killer451.
  171. Rhotek. He does, in fact, have an ax.
  172. Dr Acula77. Group: Rotter's Relief.
  173. Arsonun.
  174. Timmy Mullet. Group: MANNY.
  175. DeadHorn. Southwest Battalion Commander for the Malton Fire Department.
  176. DanWILLIEsmooth. Group: Team Enlightenment.
  177. Mr COLE. Group: TKP.
  178. Coopersville. Executed for dumb profile.
  179. Johan Goober.
  180. Teobid.
  181. Dan Freakin Green. Moar like Dan Freakin Dead lol.
  182. Hungry Go Where. Big break...started killing again:  Billy Club Thorton  T!  RR  01:29, 30 July 2011 (BST)
  183. AUA. Group: Malton Police Department.
  184. Sir Fred of Etruria. Group: Quartly Study Group. I always love celebrity kills! And a founder of one of my favorite groups to boot!
  185. A Red Panda. Group: Channel 4 News Team. Endangered species ftw.
  186. Santiago Vicente. Don't be mad that I shot you. Think of those bullets as autographs! Pry 'em out, maybe one day they'll be worth something!
  187. zelic27. Group: CORAM.
  188. Rheinhold.
  189. Keirlos. Group: Skynet Defense Network.
  190. Wanchope. Group: The Malton Zookeepers. I was disappointed by the lack of a profile. I thought all Zookeepers had zany descriptions.
  191. Tomax and Xamot. Group: The Real Original Cobra.
  192. Radical Ransacker. Group: Galineth Mercenary Group. NO MERCENARIES.
  193. Ratzinger's Remains. Group: The Vatican. Cool profile bra.
  194. Twin Strippers. Group: The Fortress. Please, the Olson Twins are sooo overrated.
  195. Frederick Darkness. Group: The Fortress. Killed for associating with loose women.
  196. Chris Timewell. Group: The Kilt Store. Kilts are skirts.
  197. EthrDemon.
  198. sannok. Group: The Kilt Store. Kilts are skirts. It's always nice to murder another poetry aficionado.
  199. bluewater4 3 HP, PKer crack.
  200. javii14 A level 1, but 3 hp is 3 hp.
  201. Kilt Store Owner. Group: The Kilt Store. Kilts are skirts. My first Scottish celebrity kill!
  202. Frank Doyle. Group: Malton Forensics Unit. Executed for pancake related offenses.
  203. Forgot to get a profile like an idiot.
  204. See above
  205. Sac001. Group: The Fortress. I hope I facilitated communication.
  206. Gore Girl. Group: Quartly Study Group. A top-notch celebrity, sometimes known as User: Goolina. Third time's a charm, doll.
  207. Woklim. Group: The Living. FUCK THE BANK I WORK FOR.
  208. Barbara Wright. Group: The Fortress. The Fortress is merely a Citadel.
  209. The'Joker. Group: The Watchmen. Pencil tricks are overrated.
  210. Laura McPherson. Group: The Kilt Store. Kilts are skirts. Not necessarily a bad thing in this case.
  211. imoisurok. Group: The Kilt Store. In mother Russia skirt kilts YOU!
  212. Sgt Helios. Group: Knights Templar. NO FAT CHICKS.
  213. Kilt Store Owner. Group: The Kilt Store. Sorry to get you again, bub. Slim pickins is slim pickins.
  214. Chris Timewell. Group: The Kilt Store. Get some sun, son.
  215. Thurston Mallrat Group: The Kilt Store Give me convenience or give me death!
  216. KemalCzech. Group: Galbraith Hills Police Department. Do the truffle shuffle!
  217. Gronko Bigchin. Group: Caiger Mall Survivors. Probably the oldest profile I've collected. This guy is a real OG.
  218. Snipingkid. Group: The Kilt Store. For all of the lauded FPS experience, I figured he would know how to strafe.
  219. Marvin von Mars. Group: The Kilt Store. Pax Romana this is not.
  220. drewkitty. Group: Malton Fire Department. Meh.
  221. Grey Thomas. Lowish level, but 4 hp kracka!
  222. Melody Arachne. Group: Malton Rangers. Payback! They claimed a bounty on me long of the few people I have on my contacts list.
  223. Met Fan. Group: FOXHOUND. First kill of my Creedy Fishing Trip.
  224. Bryan T B. Group: FOXHOUND. Your spelling is atrocious.
  225. Douglinius. Group: Dunnel Hills Police Department. Fuck the police!
  226. Tofu R. Group: Freelance Bounty Hunters. Don't play with the big dogs unless you want to get bit.
  227. Null soldier. Group: Dual Nature. I had a dualie for a while till I took brain rot...mad props, but 8 hp is 8 hp.
  228. tadaskay. Group: Creedy Defense Force. This guys an OG from 05, love them vintage profiles, they look great in my collection.
  229. Lloyd Bonafide.
  230. Clarence Kent. Not faster than a speeding bullet. I checked.
  231. 'Spider'. Group: Creedy Defense Force. I've had this guy on my contacts for forever for some reason.
  232. Giorgio A Tsoukalos. Cool name, no profile. What gives?
  233. Jo Harper Group: Friend of The Randoms. Bitchy profiles piss me off. So do any mentions of being on the zerg liste.
  234. Bryan T B. Group: FOXHOUND. Again with the spelling.
  235. Mike Cronis. Executed for the shittiness of their blog.
  236. Nota Zed. Group: IHM Kill Team. Your profile makes my head hurt.
  237. Ebos. Group: B-rock Butchers. Very cool profile. If you are a PKer, sorry!
  238. Douchebag Fakename. I hate the term "douchebag", I prefer "douchenozzle".
  239. crabs crebolly. Group: FOXHOUND. Bugger. Lol.
  240. Ron Jonson. Being a "highly skilled zombie hunter" is about as hard as being a mouth-breather.
  241. GoldenBanana. Group: The Burchell Arms Regulars. WHERE EVERYBODY KNOWS YOUR NAME. DUN*DUN*DUN*DUN!
  242. Mortenmensch. Group: The Burchell Arms Regulars. A well-dressed gentleman to say the least.
  243. yonnua koponen. Group: Dead vs Blue. Grey eyes with a red shimmer? That sounds like a serious medical condition.
  244. danr. Group: Malton Rangers. Death by unimaginative profile.
  245. LRQ. Group: The Burchell Arms Regulars. 2 hps!
  246. crkotina. Normally I don't kill rotters, but if you don't have a profile I'll make an exception.
  247. Beatrix Lolita. Group: Doctors with Guns. A rare gem: 1 hp! I hate downing medics...never know when I'll need one.
  248. Bernard Rage. Group: Malton Rangers. Love the profile, but bounty hunters get capped.
  249. Det Briscoe. Group: Malton Rangers. Keep calm and PK on.
  250. Techewan. Group: Malton Rangers. DON'T STOP ME KNOW. I'M HAVIN' SUCH A GOOD TIME. I'M HAVIN' A BALL!
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