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Binny has officially retired. 8-17-12 Binny is now back and active

Currently I'm playing 3 active characters.

Binlaggin jr zombie lumbergh

And a "nice" survivor who I cannot name as there would be some retaliation most likely and want to have a separate existence.

Binlaggin in Monroeville is retired, as well as my Borehamwood alt.

I would like to thank a few people in my career.

Craig, great jihad leader thank you for leading us in Monroeville. Irish Mafia thank you for your loyalty in the jihad. The Feral Undead, you guys have brought so much to Malton, thank you for the memories. Revenant, thank you for our red rum times.

For historical purposes see the thread of the holy war against the feral undead here

Diary from Monroeville to recent news.

AUG 21 2008 OH Allah this jihad is getting harder and harder every day. For the sake of my life and Allah's jihad all I can say is that I am still alive and resting quietly in a bar. I started to drink again after a long absence the stress in Monroeville has began to get to me. I am not proud of what I have done to last this long but I am still here. To all those pked by my fatal axe blade I say amen. Officer linty, b g wells, and viviaya my old sharp pd friends I shall continue our long struggle as long as Allah is willing. 129 humans vs. ~1800 zombies as of today remember when there were like 7000 survivors.

AUG 22 I am contemplating a desperate attempt to idle out at this time, my work is done here, 3 more days and it will be 6 months alive in this hell hole. Time to change hideouts wish me luck, If hs comes back I'll use what little ammo I have on you bullgod then i will die happy.

Aug 26th I have made it to the 6 month mark, from what i hear only 30 of us from pre quarantine have lived thus far.

Aug 30th I have some optimism of holding out now, the hordes seem to be slowly dwindling down. Just got to stay one step ahead of them and hope to avoid them a little longer. I guess I was meant to survive at this point the odds of me still being around are quite remarkable especially from earlier pk operations Allah sent me on. Maybe I am the true martyr. I am still not attacking any zombie to avoid detection and no pk for maybe 2 weeks now its all about survival at this point.

Aug 31 I was added to a list today for current survivors, now if i can manage to idle out at least my efforts will be known to all those that care.

Sept 4 Can not seem to find suitable place to idle out. That is the goal for now. Contemplating suicide mission but must continue jihad.

Sept 6 All goes well for the time being. Irish mafia my intelligence officer informed me that my son binlaggin jr has arrived in Malton, Allah bless his jihad and protect him. Amen

Sept 10 Danger lurks all over the place but I am safe for the time being it seems. My son got his first kill of a infidel in Malton all ready...Allah let him become a useful martyr and watch over him. Amen.

Sept 11 My son has has announced a new research and weapons of mass destruction chief in Malton for the holy war vs the Feral Undead Binlaggin jr will continue to offer spiritual guidance and tactical leadership until our great general arrives, and has been ordered to recruit suitable men for the crusade.... UPDATE we have added another great jihadist who is in charge of finance, internet terror, and the oil fields let the recruitment of the faithful continue.

Sept 12 We did it!!!! we have successfully idled out of Monroeville. Irish mafia and binlaggin found a safe cave to hide out in and we will come back once head shot returns...for now binlaggin jr must face the new jihad on the FU.

Sept 17 Getting the itch to return to Monroeville i pray to Allah and Kevan to bring Head Shot back.

Sept 25 my crew is currently enjoying retirement and can not be rallied to come back at this point in time. i will give them to October 1st or i will officially declare that the jihad is over. RIP readman81 the struggle may be over for us all now.

Update early november some of my old crew have returned to monroeville but due to the targets on my head i shall remein in idle for the time being...the jihad has begun in borehamwood and allah has blessed us with a new martyr may his jihad go well..currently binlaggin jr has idled in malton and is awaiting new orders to redeploy and the jihad is on standstill until then.

Dec 16th the monroeville crew is still alive and active allah bless them. my grandson has fallen in borehamwood and died a martyr lets celebrate his death to the infidels and congradulate him for headshotting ittle daddy. we still have our scientist chemical allah developing chemical and biological warfare in borehamwood but he is not a military man so hopefully he can last longer.

Dec 25 merry christmas Allah we have failed allah in borehamwood, may the jihad last longer in malton and monroeville with your blessings Amen.

June 2009 We have signed a cease fire with the feral undead and my son is now a martyr with red rum. Current operations in monroeville are at a standstill. Irish mafia has deployed a new soldier and protector in malton to help operations there. We are currently at war with dirk dirka/shakaka/hmelly eggs and charlie mcflame. the infidel mcflame has been eliminated by my son today as well.

Jan 25 2010 Currently targeting the infidels of the CAPD and the jihad goes well. Soon our zombie brothers will destroy there headquarters after bombarding them with multiple player kills.

april 1st 2010 a infidel susan popham has insulted my freind irish mafia and disrespected him so she will be relentlessly persued for this insult. 2 pkers out of 7000 survivors made it to the monroeville 100 and she had the balls to disrespect my friend so she will die allah. well technically 2 pkers made it to the last 50....those infidels of the CAPD need to be taught some respect

Aug 2010 I have declared holy war on the infidels of sweet like chocolate, and have called my immortal brothers and all loyal jihadists to teach those and those who would call them friends a lesson. edit...the slaughter and massacre has come to a end Allah those infidels have learned their lesson and now moan inside blackmore mission complete.

Current operations

Binny is currently conducting jihad operations to a few stubborn survivors who refuse to accept Allah's place in society. These infidels are not worth mentioning by name, but they will pay proper tribute.

zombie lumbergh is currently enjoying leveling and focusing his energy in Grigg Heights, targeting the group Edmund General United

They seem to be a rather decent group of survivors so its been fun and challenging to get these guys so far. I plan on staying in this suburb for quite some time.

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