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Educators Handbook
Group Philosophe Knights.
Goals Assist new Educators in the act of Teaching
Intended Audience Philosophe Knight Educators


The Educators Guide is a Philosophe Knight written handbook detailing the correct procedure for Education in the field. It should be used as not only a beginners guide, but a continuing and ever-changing assistant to any Educator. If you are a member of the Philosophe Knights, you may add any information. Deletion of any information will not be tolerated, regardless of group affiliation (even a Knight). Grammar and sentence structuring is welcome.


The Educators Handbook is an attempt to create a defined procedure to the act of Teaching the Ignorant located within Malton. This may include: civilians, military or scientists. Any Educator should be prepared to serve a multitude of roles, including: Doctor, Executioner, Teacher, and Guide. You must be equally prepared to eliminate the Ignorant as assist an Enlightened in menial tasks. The Educators are the 'backbone' of the Philosophe Knights and must be prepared to complete any standing requests and orders.

Window Diving

Educators in the Philosophe Knights all have different styles of killing and use AP in different ways. However, most often will the knights use their AP along the lines of this:

1. Stand up alive (1 AP)

2. Enter entrance (1 AP)

3. Kill/search/move (44 AP)

4. Window dive and stand up as a zombie (2 AP)

5. Move to respawn (X AP) [Note: This is a variable as respawn could be a ways off]

NOTE: It is essential that the Knight has the zombie skills 'ankle grab' and 'lurching gate' in order to minimize AP use.

This cycle uses the PKer strategy of 'Window Diving'. This is when a survivor jumps out of the window from a tall building. This will result in death which makes it seem as we had disappeared. It makes it much harder to be tracked by revenge killers and Bounty Hunters. Also, being able to control the time of your death is much more useful than waking up dead. This may take more AP to do, but the Philosophe Knights have found this strategy to be quite useful.

A Stratagem For Non-Suicidal Knights

For those Knights who prefer to stay among the living, and elude the law enforcement agencies that manage to exist in post outbreak Malton, the best use of AP and EXP is as follows.

1. Make sure you are still among the living. (0 AP)

2. Search local buildings for known enemies, or blatant Ignorants (X AP) [Note: Variable for the reason that you may have 3 buildings nearby or 8]

3. Kill/Search/Move (35 AP)

4. Find a location off the free running path (a dead end building or dark building) (~5 AP)

5. Secure location, heal wounds, reload weaponry (5 AP)

Total AP used: ~45. The strategy behind leaving ~5 AP is that you can check your Knight and make emergency movements at times that would be spent sleeping and regaining AP. When staying alive, it is best suggested to check your Knight at least once every 4-5 hours. The reasoning behind this is that if a law enforcement agent discovers your whereabouts, you have a small reserve of AP in order to make an escape. The risk of eluding officers is higher than if you are 'Window Diving'. Some Knights choose to avoid 'Window Diving' unless in the most extreme cases (war, man hunts, etc.), or choose to Educate and remain breathing for RP purposes.

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