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RNL System

The RNL System is a way for Blake to express the search rates for items when making suggestions.

Essentially, how it works is that the first number is the find rate in a Ruined building, the next when the building is in a Normal state, and the third when it is Lit.

For instance, if an item was to have the find rate of (3/5/7) in a particular building, this indicates that when the building is ruined, the find rate for this item is 3%. When powered, the find rate is 7%, and if it is not ruined or powered, the find rate is 5%.

This is only for inside buildings, as outside search rates cannot be effected by ruining or powering.

If the building is one of the buildings that is dark if unpowered, then this dark state is considered to be the Normal state as referred to in the RNL system.

Template for the RNL system

To use, simply add


to your suggestion, with R, N and L standing for the find rates (just the numbers, it'll add the percent signs in automatically) in Ruined, Normal and Lit in that order.

Here's an example, using the exact code shown above:
Find rates are, in accordance with the RNL system: {{{R}}}/{{{N}}}/{{{L}}}. ({{{R}}}% for Ruined, {{{N}}}% for Normal and {{{L}}}% for Lit)

Note that RNL system is bolded, as when used elsewhere, links to this page.