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Jason 'Buckshot' Tyr (And his invisible friend, Bloodghast, or 'Ghast' for short.

smack! Tell us, damnit! smack! Why are you here!? smack! FINE...but we'll we back later. Throw him in with the rest of the ones who didn't talk...

Darkness. All I could see was darkness...they had turned off the lights and shut the door. I was wrist was broken...and bodies everywhere. They had thrown me in a room filled with corpses. The was overpowering. Then suddenly, one of them rose up, and smiled. I could tell he had smiled, since he raised my hand to his face, and let me feel that he had.

"Hello, friend..."

"W...w...who are you...?"

"I'm Ghast...who are you?"


"Are you hungry, Jason?"

"Yes...but no...don't make the bodies..." I trusted this new person. He was kind, friendly. He seemed trustworthy... "Don't worry, Jason. I'll eat them...I'll find food for you after too, okay? Just go to sleep..." "Ok...sleep...good..." Time passed. I awoke to screaming...and there was a pleasant feeling in my stomach. I was content...full. I could hear yelling outside, gunshots. One of them hit the lock on the door...Ghast smiled, and I could see him in the light. He looked like me. He shouted..."Now is the time for freedom! Let's go, Jason." I smiled with him. Then we both ran out...and teared them apart. Humans, and these odd...things. They were shambling, biting, clawing, chewing...I killed them all. Twelve Humans, and Three zombies died that day. I could tell...things were becoming good. And that suddenly didn't seem so bad after all.


Subject: Jason Tyr (Bloodghast)

Reason for Conscription: He was able to fight three zombies alone...what a trooper. Too bad he couldn't save the people, though. Looks like the zombies got to them before he could help. He may be a bit crazy, though. He keeps referring to his 'friend', Ghast. Whatever helps him fight. We need all the men we can get right now, and seems Jason may have ducked out of his required service. Ah, well. Give him a gun, slap on some army fatigues and he should be good to go. Still...too bad he couldn't save those guys.

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