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Bleó Draneir

Appears as "Bleo" in game

 A fireman with a Zed blood lust and very little common sense. He is quite possibly suffering from
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as he is often overheard muttering, "Bepæcestre Freósceatt George
Leingold, blódegesa díegol," which is an obviously broken attempt to speak secretly to himself. All
in all a friendly fellow, if a bit off center.

Bleó has studied the NecroNet and taught himself to use the abandoned equipment at The Jack Building[66,16] to revive brain
rotted zombies in an attempt to 'save the world'. He also provides healing at Chibbett Lane Fire Station[66,18] his firehouse before
the outbreak that is kept at VSB for survivors lost on the streets to find a place to sleep.
As of 2/26/2013 Bleo is a founding member of Ch:R&R.

Survivor Description

Zombie Description

George Leingold

 A police officer having little in common with a human of the 'sane' variety, he actively seeks to
kill the nearest living thing by any means necessary.

Survivor Description
His bloodshot eyes stare at you vacantly, frothy drool oozing down his chin as he works a hideously toothy smile across his scarred face. His arms have obvious signs of gruesome battles or self mutilation and the scars hinting at once grievous wounds are visible through his outfit, giving you pause if not to wonder about his possible state of mind, then to ponder yours as you weigh the decision to be near such a person.

Zombie Description
Something in this zombie's eyes looks different, somehow wilder but not feral. If not for the obviously self inflicted bite wounds and deep lacerations you would think he almost appeared to be thinking. You shudder at the thought and then your blood runs cold; you swear you saw him grin.

BlueofFLE 06:45, 1 January 2012 (UTC)

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