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I'm a huge Dwarf Fortress fan, and I'll be adding in some Captain's Log type stuff here. Expect humor, and lots of death.

In case you're confused, here's a chart of the dwarven calendar:

Granite Early- Spring
Slate Mid-
Felsite Late-
Hematite Early- Summer
Malachite Mid-
Galena Late-
Limestone Early- Autumn
Sandstone Mid-
Timber Late-
Moonstone Early- Winter
Opal Mid-
Obsidian Late-

Unolkosoth, "Soulpalace"

Year 202

202 - Granite 1

Initial survey of the site. Who the hell picked this shithole? It's nothing but sand as far as the eye can see! There's also a large river here that we've built a bridge across to facilitate travel to and fro. The workers appear to be scared of several lampreys, carp, and pike creatures in the many pools dotting the landscape, in addition to those in the river. One of the masons approached me with an idea for a great circular wall around our compound - something like "Isengaard," he said. What the hell is Isengaard?

202 - Granite 3

The main hab module is under construction - a basement and two above-ground levels - now that one of the miners struck upon the idea to dig down until we hit more usable rock. Slate, it would seem, is in abundance here. Galena (lead & silver) is abundant as well, and we've seen some Sphalerite (zinc) deposits around as well. Rare stuff.

202 - Granite 6

Apparently our food stores are infinite. I sent Porky to go inventory what we have, and he found three more barrels than we brought along with us. No one's made any since we've arrived, either... not to my knowledge. They were filled with more delightful Plump Helmets, though. Plans to get actual food production off the ground are stalled, as we've run out of slate yet again. We'd almost finished the floor of the current level, and then Bam! No slate. The miners are back down in the tunnels dredging up more of the stuff now.

202 - Granite 13

Elves have arrived to trade. I don't know they'll appreciate our tree-blasting in order to accommodate our newfangled road out of the compound. We don't have a Depot, so we're setting up a temporary one near the main gate. There's also a bastard of a lamprey in one of the small pools who's scaring the workers and they can't complete that particular section of the wall. Fucking lampreys and carp. Dastot also got trapped on the roof after all the walls of the current level were complete. Now we've got to tear some down to get his sorry ass out. It's only a fifty-foot fall... maybe sixty...

202 - Granite 25

Goddamnit, someone used the bauxite to build three tables. What the hell are we going to need three magma-proof tables for? Damnit. We'd have a bedroom, except the roof isn't finished and it's raining. Oh, and the beds aren't made yet either. In other news, we've just realized we have squat to trade with the Elves. Maybe they like lead...

202 - Granite 26

Elves did not want to trade their wines for superb carpentry work. Bastards.

202 - Slate 8

Dining room and bedroom completed. Finally. The bauxite tables are now proudly on display as a reminder that anyone caught using inappropriate materials in construction will be set on fire and fed to the cats. Speaking of which, we now have six kittens in addition to the original two we brought along.

202 - Slate 13

The main hab building was just finished. Three levels, fully self-sufficient save for stone and lumber supplies. A kitten on the roof held up completion of the last wall section for a couple hours, and then jumped down instead of coming through the opening... probably to spite us.

202 - Felsite 4

YES, FINALLY! MIGRANTS! Our population is now 25. Hooray for laborers. Our weaver has been possessed, however, and keeps asking for cloth. We're probably not going to get him some in time. Guards have been posted around his workshop in case he becomes violent.

202 - Malachite 12

More migrants, whoo! 33 souls - would be 34, but our unfortuantely possessed weaver didn't get his precious thread in time. Boo-hoo. We've built a tomb for the dead, including him, in the southeast part of the compound. Construction begins now on the main living quaters tower - apartments, here we come! Food stores holding up very well, considering our new population growth. It won't be long until we need more - though our small farming operation is going well. We're also beginning another colossal dig-out for the apartment tower... it's going to take a few thousand slate, at least.

202 - Galena 11

THAT'S what's been killing animals around here? First a wild fox, then one of our dogs and a horse... a pike! A single cursed pike, trapped in one of those pools right next to the main hab module! It's also been the source of many of the construction suspensions lately. We're now digging tunnels to drain that pool and smash his face into the dry sand when we get the chance.

202 - Limestone 28

Not much has been happening, though the foundation and ground level of the apartment tower is coming along nicely. We're also building a wooden lookout on the small hill to the south as an early-warning system. HOLY SHIT OUR APARTMENTS WILL HAVE WINDOWS! That is a FANTASTIC idea! Yes, of course! Food production is in full swing, and we've no worry about food or drink. Another trading caravan has just arrived as well - now we've got lead and silver bars to trade. Maybe the zinc too, if we don't find any copper ourselves for brass.

202 - Sandstone 5

Nothing traded. Their wagons couldn't reach the outer wall and our prepared road, so the merchants couldn't take our heavy metal bars. They had some cloth and leather, nothing especially of interest to us at the moment.

202 - Moonstone 23

One of the children has gone missing - snatched while we worked away on the second floor of the apartment tower. Memorial services later today. More migrants also appeared, bringing our total population (minus one for snatching) to forty-two. Work continues.

202 - Opal 2

Caught and killed another snatcher. We're finishing up the wall now, even if it means we'll have to walk all the way around outside in order to get to construction areas. We're also testing Microcline additions to the outside of the wall, increasing the thickness by a factor of three. We'll see how that turns out. Eventually we have plans for it to be around two dozen feet high. The river hasn't frozen yet, and it doesn't look like it will this winter. Plans to build grates are on hold... again.

Year 203

203 - Granite 5

In attempting to fix an error with construction of the first apartment living level, two sections of floor collapsed. Around a dozen men were knocked out temporarily, and four are recovering via bedrest. Adil, poor child, suffered the worst of all, and fell all four levels into the basement. He's not hurt so badly... I fear he skirted death, but only just. Construction continues as normal.

203 - Granite 26

Following two spies and an ambush party being successfully repelled, a carp claimed the life of Inod, our milker, by drowning him. We are now building a cap over the entire river, so that these foul fish shall plague us no more within the compound. It doesn't look like we'll be able to recover his body.

203 - Slate 3

Ingiz, planter drowned today after being knocked into the river. What I don't understand is how - apparently he thought it would be ok to build a floor segment attached to a bridge, which cannot support weight. I've adjusted orders to make sure this doesn't happen again. We're now at a population of forty. Other than that, we've almost capped the river entirely. There also seems to be an obscene amount of blood in a little area upriver, flowing downstream, though I'm not sure why nor do I have any idea where it's coming from. It's looks like it's flowing in from outside the compound. Local wildlife, possibly. Murderous fish, probably.

203 - Slate 10

One of the two remaining injured workers in the apartment collapse incident (see 203 - Granite 5) was apparently pregnant, and has had a baby boy. We're up to forty-one people now. A calf went berserk a while ago, calmed down, and has now just recently died. We're not sure what happened to the body. We're almost done sealing the river... just a few tiles left. Have to dig out some more usable stone to boost our stocks, both for this project and the apartment tower.

203 - Slate 22

A baby drowned. What the hell? We've also been striking gem deposits non-stop. If only we had some jewelers around to cut them up and turn a profit off of them.

203 - Felsite 6

Drowned another group of half a dozen carp near the apartment tower. Hopefully now people won't suspend construction for rubbish reasons like "I saw a scary fish." More migrants have also arrived; our population is now sixty-four, and we have a Mayor now as well. It's me, of course. Like anyone else shows even a smidge of confidence in this Arnok-forsaken place.

203 - Moonstone 11

A lot has happened in the summer and autumn. Firstly, we've now finished the first apartment residential level - though it remains unfurnished - complete with glass windows. Sixteen total rooms. Hooray! We've also gotten more immigrants, and our population now sits at eighty-four. Citol, a fisherdwarf, drowned outside the walls a while ago. Damn pike-carp-lampreys. In other news, we've now set up a Fortress Guard of eight dwarves and two five-dwarf squads of the standard military variety. Our new military force is housed in a newly-constructed barracks/bunker off on the east side of the compound. They're all equipped with swords and plate armor - the Guard use two swords, and the military dwarves use a sword and shield. When not sparring, the military squads are posted at the main gate - usually at least one is present there. We ought to be safe from any moderately-sized or smaller force. We're also working on setting up a gate - and maybe drawbridge - using floodgates and lots and lots of mechanisms. The work orders stretch well into the winter months; it'll probably be done around the start of next year. We're also working on building that lookout tower (it got put off ... a lot) and the next level of the apartment. Glassmaking has been a pain, but worth it because these windows are so damn awesome.

203 - Opal 12

Adil, a brewer, drowned. Goddamnit, why are these imbeciles getting themselves killed? More stupid fish? We're down to eighty population-wise. I've no idea what happened to the other three dwarves; they haven't reported for construction duty. The second residential level of the apartment tower is near completion, and we're also preparing full furnishings on the side. Sixteen rooms by five floors is eighty rooms... enough for everyone, and the mayor and guard-captain already have their special chambers on the administrative floor of the tower.

203 - Opal 23

Surprise, surprise. One of the miners correctly identified one of the walls of a lake near the compound as bauxite. We can dig it up if we need magma-proof mechanisms, then. Excellent. Work is almost done on the second level - just the ceiling to do - though we ran out of slate... again. There's more blood in the river as well... maybe from our drowned comrades? It's strange, though, it soaks the walls and comes from quite a ways upstream... and there's a lot of it. More than a few dead things, at least. Maybe the fish tore each other up over a dwarf or something...

203 - Obsidian 23

We've put the apartment on hold - a little - to finish the lookout tower. Took twelve windows to finish the viewing area - very nice. The roof's all that's left, and that should be done come the new year. On the not-nice side, a guard suffocated after a lung injury sustained in sparring. Darn. I suppose some of them are getting to be too good at wielding those swords of theirs...

Year 204

204 - Granite 1

Spring's here! Yay! We've finished the guard tower completely now, and a man is stationed inside at all times as lookout. Another crazy weaver - who kept demanding cloth despite some being provided (maybe he wanted silk... picky bugger) - went berserk and tore a horse up before a guard came along and shoved his sword in their face. We're probably going to need another tomb or something now. Back to working on the apartment tower, and more glassmaking and stone excavating.

204 - Granite 25

What the fuck is going on?! Apparently there were two simultaneous ambushes - one at the main gate and one on the west side of the compound, outside the walls - and a snatcher near the main gate. One of the military squad leaders died, along with a bunch of animals... I'm not sure what's happened. I think the merchants may have been involved, perhaps confused in the fighting. A human ambushed the goblin party outside the west wall, for whatever reason, and chased them off. He probably saved us a lot of trouble, even if he scared the shit out of a few workers in the area. We almost never see humans this far out. I'm going down there now to get this chaos un-chaos-ified.

204 - Slate 14

Shit. Three tantrums and two more deaths as a result. A lot of the main hab module's dining hall has been destroyed, as well. I'm working with the military and the guards to keep order and prevent a fortress-wide riot.

204 - Slate 20

"BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD" is repeated on this entry many hundreds of times.

Some time later, an adventurer hearing of the demise of Soulpalace travelled upstream and located the source of the blood and the curse that plagued the place: a temple to a fallen demon had corrupted the river. The main wall to the Soulpalace compound has been sealed, following the same sealing of the apartment tower and main hab complex. Occasionally goblins still patrol the area, but mostly there are only carp.


Dallithìnal Gärem Kun, "Riddledlull the General of Cats"

This is a Slate mechanism. All craftdwarfship is of the highest quality. It is encrusted with Slate and encircled with bands of Slate and turtle shell. On the item is an image of Slate mechanisms in Slate.

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