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Fut the Wuck?

On July 25, 2006, Bob realized that it would be really fucking cool if he could give awards to people. Thus, this page was born. If you followed a link from an award to this page, but you don't see the recipient listed in the list below, please let me know either on this talk page or my talk page. I've either forgotten, or someone is pretending that I gave them an award.

Please don't edit this page without my permission. Doing so will result in me kicking your ass over at vandal banning. So just don't.

Why do I have one? Why don't I have one?

It means that I wanted to give you an award for some reason. Come on, that's an awesome reason. Plus you get to clutter up your user page with another user box. Everyone loves user boxes.

If you don't have one, either:

  1. I didn't think to give you one
  2. I didn't want to give you one

Recipients of the Bob Award

  1. July 25, 2006: The General, for his dedication in banning vandals.
  2. July 25, 2006: Xoid, for bitchslapping the wiki into shape, one shitty page, n00b, and edit conflict at a time.
  3. July 25, 2006: Saromu, for his admirable tolerance of nearly-constant nitpicking and flamebaiting.
  4. July 30, 2006: Cyberbob240, for hilarious pwnage of idiots.
  5. August 1, 2006: Max Grivas, for an insane amount of work on the suburb pages.
  6. August 2, 2006: Banana Bear4, for bringing the wiki to new levels of hilarity via his ever-insane contributions.
  7. August 25, 2006: Assault on Stupid Survivors, for being the most popular group on the wiki.
  8. August 25, 2006: Assault on Stupid Survivors, for being the most active group on the wiki.
  9. August 27, 2006: Zaruthustra, for telling it like it is with his awesome {{Sockpuppet}} template.
  10. August 27, 2006: Gage, for nominating the one true leader to his position of power and glory.
  11. August 29, 2006: Brizth, for always being calm and level-headed, and his endless dedication to the wiki.