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Jesus supporting Bob Hammero for Bureaucrat

Vote Hammero for Bureaucrat!

Tired of boring wiki campaigns? Want a Bureaucrat who isn't afraid to abuse his power act responsibly? This is the Hammero for Bureaucrat page. If you think I'd be great for the role, here are some things you can do:

Put {{User:BobHammero/Bureaucrat}} on your user page, your user talk page, hell, every page you visit! Unless it's vandalism. Vandalism is bad, okay? And don't do drugs, kids.

You'll get this great template:

Thumbs up.jpg Hammero for Bureaucrat!
…for a better tomorrow!
Vote Bob Hammero for Bureaucrat in 2006. Vote today! Vote tomorrow!
Then show your support!

Put Bob06! in your signature, by going to Special:Preferences, checking the "raw signatures" box, and then typing [[User:YourName|Your Name]] <sup>[[User:BobHammero/Bureaucrat|Bob06!]]</sup> in the "your nickname" box.

Join the millions of proud wiki users who have vouched for me so far. Even Jesus supports me for Bureaucrat!