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Projects and Groups

Locations Pages Project

Major projects

  • Began the process of adding the {{Suburbblock}} template to all suburb pages (completed 40%, taken over by Max Grivas).

Created from scratch

Effectively created from scratch

Significantly changed

Other work

  • Assorted page changes to comply with the Location Style Guide.
  • Various changes to update and fix location content.

Project welcome

  • Helped to create, and responsible for most of the formatting on, the {{Welcomenewbie}} template
  • Welcomed a huge number of newbies
  • Tirelessly* helped new users correct their mistakes
    *: Okay, not really


  • General assistance for users (e.g., helping to follow voting guidelines, fixing broken suggestions, welcoming people to the wiki, pointing new users to helpful pages, etc).
  • Ongoing minor improvements to pages (e.g., fixing typos and grammar; fixing and improving page styles; fixing XHTML/HTML/wiki command problems, etc).
  • Numerous vandalism reverts and reports to Vandal Banning.
  • Many pages reported to Speedy Deletions.
  • Moved pages placed into the wrong namespace and served Speedy Deletion Criterion 9 warnings.
  • Helped to maintain the Suggestions page by removing Spaminated suggestions, double votes, invalid votes, and moving long discussions, etc.

Non-locations pages created

Pages significantly overhauled

Images uploaded

Templates created

Templates fixed

  • Too many to list, but problems corrected include:
    • Inefficient and improper use of <noinclude>, <nowiki>, <pre>, and the like
    • Categorization problems (e.g., not using {{PAGENAME}}, or improper alphabetization)
    • Use of depreciated HTML, or inefficient CSS


Real suggestions

  • "Scent Horde" (voting in progress)
  • "A Viable Anti-Bot Solution" (rejected by Kevan, inspired other solution)
  • "Make Unused XP Expire" (spaminated)
  • "Scent Rot and Healing Decay" (rejected)
  • "Scent Rot (Revised)" (withdrawn for revisions)
  • "Scent Rot" (withdrawn for revisions)
  • "Triumphant Roar (Revised)" (rejected)
  • "Triumphant Roar" (withdrawn for revisions)
  • "Additional Penalties for Zerging" (rejected)
  • "Alphabetized Drop Menu" (undecided)
  • "Fires" (withdrawn)
  • "Expensive Broadcasting" (withdrawn)
  • "Radio Censorship" (withdrawn)
  • "Transmitters and Inventory" (withdrawn, bug report filed)
  • "Radio Tuning" (accepted)
  • "Update Your Details" (accepted)
  • "Axe Sharpening" (accepted, based on "Axe Grinding")
  • "Axe Grinding" (withdrawn for revisions)

Humorous suggestions

  • "Game Rot" (voting in progress)

Policy Discussions proposed

  • "Voting Eligibility" (discussion in progress)
  • "Hate Speech" (voting in progress)
  • "Update the Wiki Software" (approved and implemented)
  • "Prohibiting Content Outside of the Normal Page Area" (approved and implemented)
  • "Voting Time" (withdrawn)
  • "Humorous Suggestions Management" (no longer a policy discussion, withdrawn and moved to talk page)
  • "Comment Alterations" (withdrawn)

Democratic process/conflict resolution