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Deletion and Undeletion of Pages

Deletion of pages is restricted to Moderators due to its permanent nature — deletions can't be reverted by normal users, and deleted images can't be reverted by anyone. The following guidelines outline when Moderators may delete pages.

Moderators may only delete a page in one of three instances:

  1. A page has been listed on UDWiki:Moderation/Speedy Deletions, and that page is eligible for Speedy Deletion according to the current guidelines for Speedy Deletions. Before serving the request, Moderators are expected to review the page to ensure its suitability for Speedy Deletion.
  2. A page has been listed on UDWiki:Moderation/Deletions, and that page has been deemed eligible for Deletion by the wiki community, in compliance with the rules of the Deletions page.
  3. A page has been created by a Moderator in the User namespace as a subpage of the Moderator's user page, no user other than the Moderator has made substantial contributions to the page, and the page is not required for any significant reason. In this case, the Moderator should make note of his or her deletion on UDWiki:Moderation/Moderator Page Deletions either before or after he or she has deleted the page.

Except in the third instance listed above, a Moderator may not delete a page that he or she has requested be deleted. It is part of a Moderator's responsibility to check the Speedy Deletions and Deletions pages often and serve any pending requests, subject to the guidelines above, and review the Moderator Page Deletions page often to ensure that Moderator user pages have been deleted properly.

The ability to undelete pages is restricted to Moderators, as normal users are limited to recreate pages. As such, in the case that a deleted page is in need to be restored, regular users can request the restoration trough the Undeletions page. Moderators may only undelete pages that have been requested to be restored trough this page, or that they themselves have deleted by mistake. The repeated recreation of deleted pages not going through the Undeletions page is to be treated as Vandalism.

In some circumstances, scheduled deletions may be required to avoid clogging the Deletions or Speedy Deletions pages. In this case, it is not expected that each deletion be requested through the Moderation pages. Instead, the schedule should be approved by the community at the Schedules section of UDWiki:Moderation/Deletions. Approved schedules are listed in the following subsection.

Scheduled Deletions

  • Unused Image Removal - Images on the Unused Image list that are a month old are to be deleted. Approved 11 Dec 2005
  • Image revision removal - Image revisions that are older than 7 days are to be removed. Approved 16 May 2006