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For reference: {{TenTenMap}} and

Scourge Files to use

Kbs poster.jpg Liking meat.jpg Bree mag.jpg

Unanswered UD questions

  • What are the outdoor search odds?
  • What is the damage rate when attacking a generator with wine or beer?
  • What are the most AP-efficient, or the most effective, tactics for survivors? for zombies? for death cultists?
    • Are the answers different in the modern, low-density Malton, as opposed to the old high-density city (ignoring any mechanics changes which have occurred)?
  • Are high-TRP-density regions like the SSZ better for survivors, or does the resulting attraction to zombies outweigh this?
  • What is the start date of Misconbitragnarok? Is an apocalyptic end to the wiki still probable, or have we moved into a heat death situation?
  • Will Kevan update the game? What updates are most likely to occur?
  • Are hit rates for zombies higher when isolated from other zombies?

Suburbs I always get confused

EMR to DL formulae

(#) = Suburbs as of Feb 10, 2016 // c = contradictory(?)
Infrastructure Intact
Number of Zombies 0 or 10- ~12 ~20 or ~24 ~30 +
A or B rating Safe (17) Safe Safe MD
C+ "several" Safe (16) Safe MD MD
C- "a few" Safe (5)* Safe MD MD
D or F rating GT (1) GT MD Dang
Minor Damage: **-
Number of Zombies 0 or 10- ~12 ~20 or ~24 ~30 +
A or B rating Safe (5)* MD (2) MD (2) Dang
C+ "several" Safe (11)* MD (2) MD (1) Dang
C- "a few" GT (12)** MD Dang Dang
D or F rating GT (3) GT Dang Dang
Heavy Damage: *--
Number of Zombies 0 or 10- ~12 ~20 or ~24 ~30 +
A or B rating MD MD Dang VD
C+ "several" MD (2) Dang Dang (1) VD
C- "a few" GT (2)*** Dang (3) Dang (1) VD
D or F rating GT (4) GT Dang (1) VD
Wasteland: ---
Number of Zombies 0 or 10- ~12 ~20 or ~24 ~30 +
A or B rating c c c c
C+ "several" c? c? c? c?
C- "a few" GT GT VD VD
D or F rating GT (8) GT (1) GT VD

Comments: *One or two currently listed as Moderately Dangerous; possibly one listed as Ghost Town. **One or two currently listed as Safe. ***One currently listed as Dangerous.

Just storing

SuburbTotal # of BuildingsUnique RuinsTotal Ruins%List
North Blythville64151924%Click
South Blythville527813,5%Click
Spicer Hills63557,94%Click

The old status descriptions:

  • safe - Break-ins rare, max 50 zombies in suburb and no zombie groups above 10.
  • moderately dangerous - Active zombies and break-ins, but no 50+ hostile hordes.
  • dangerous - Zombies inside many resource buildings; OR hostile mobs of 50+.
  • very dangerous - Most buildings wide open or zombie-infested; OR hostile zombie mobs of 150+.
  • a ghost town - At least 2/3 of the suburb's buildings either empty of Survivors or Ransacked/Ruined AND max 60 zombies in suburb and no zombie groups above 10.

TtD BM interview.png
MHSstaff said:
Great Fire Article, it's me. You said you would change. You said you would leave behind that slutty ALiM banner, and give yourself fully to me. I want you babe. I want things to be like they were before, when you said you would be the only article in my life, and we could finally experience true love. The kind of love that is only possible on a dying MMO browser game and wiki. Well fine. Go run back to your banner. Whore.
Please feed the zombies.gif


A poem/short essay by User:TripleU on July 4, 2013, which I'm storing here:

"Without the players support it will become a quick, and impotent failure." - What an accurate prediction.
It's quite possible that no one will ever look at this page again, ever. The depression of watching UD die perfectly mirrors watching zombies slowly wipe out mankind.
The wiki is full of a rich history that a dwindling few are still around to remember. It catalogs buildings that may soon be ruined or repaired for the last time.
Malton is dying, and taking us all with it. Just like in a zombie apocalyse, it's only a matter of time until the city sits empty, devoid of human life.
When Malton is empty, it shall quietly remain, only remaining, empty and silent, until nature retakes it and the servers shut down.
Death is not the terrible thing. Interest in a game always dies. The terrible thing is extinction. All of our intrests shall die, and all humanity will be lost to Malton.
We who still remain remain in a city where there are more buildings than there are survivors. That fact will never be untrue again.
So here we are, us few who remain, watching each other get scrubbed out of Malton. We remain for no long term purpose. We only remain, for what little time remains.

Bureaucrat Election Archive (Re-elected)
Seat A

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Seat B

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Bureaucrat Election Archive (Re-elected)
Seat A

Vista: Jul 06 | Xoid: Aug 06 | Boxy: Apr 07 - Jul 07 - Mar 08 | AHLG: Oct 08 | Boxy: Dec 08 | Link: May 09 |

DDR: Sep 09 | Ross: Apr 10 - Jan 11 | Boxy: Aug 11 - Mar 12 | Aichon: Oct 12 | May

Seat B

BobH: Sep 06 | Darth: Apr 07 | Vista: Sep 07 | Vantar: Dec 07 | Grim s: Jun 08 | Cheese: Oct 08 | SA: Feb 09 |

Boxy: Sep 09 - Jan 10 - Jul 10 | DDR: Oct 10 | Rev: May 11 | Ross: Dec 11 - Jul 12 | Spider: Feb 12

The art of the Demerge

This was salvaged from User:Yonnua Koponen's userspace before it was purged.

Historical Guide
This guide explains the concept of Demerging Merged Location pages, which no longer exist. Hence, the content of this page may make little sense to any future readers, and is no longer essentially useful. The page is preserved for historical purposes.

Demerging pages in concept is simple; first, you divert as many incoming links as possible, then transfer the information to the individual pages. Of course, this is all pretty obvious, and not what you were looking for.

Anyways, I try to follow a process when doing this:

  1. Open the page you want to demerge.
  2. Open another tab to the "what links here" page. This will be your main work page.
  3. Type the page name in the "find" field (ctrl+f) and go down the links list, finding and removing any incoming links.
    • Example: you find a link to [[Suburb Schools#Apple School|Apple School]]. Shorten it to [[Apple School]]
    • Be careful when shortening; if the page's name is [[Suburb Schools#Apple School (Suburb)|Apple School]] and you reduce it to [[Apple School]], you'll create a red link or disambiguation link- it must be named [[Apple School (Suburb)|Apple School]]. This is mainly a problem for multi-location names, coordinate locations, and those with "St/St." in them. If you are in doubt, just drop the "Suburb Schools#" piece.
    • Some links are written with underscores (like_this) instead of spaces. If a location is still showing up on the "what links here" list after de-linking, try replacing some of the spaces in your find field with underscores.
  4. there is not much you can do about user page or protected pages. If it's a matter of redirecting a link to an individual location then that's fine, but links referencing the page's creation/existence/deletion are best left alone or unlinked (In these cases I'll either leave it as a red link or replace the brackets with bold text).

Once you have corrected all redirects and links, it is time to move onto the actual demerge.

  1. Click on one of the locations on the "What links here list".
  2. Copy the locationblock and information about the building from the merged page to the individual.
  3. Replace {{Locationblockmerge| with:
  4. Add a lv. 3 header (===header===) for Description, History, Barricade Plan, and Current Events if necessary.
  5. Put the following categories on the bottom of the page (don't use the stub template if the page is somehow acceptable):
    <br style="clear: both" />
    [[Category:Building Type]]
  6. Tidy up any leftover junk and move onto the next location.
  7. Once you are done, the "what links here" page should only have a few User: or administrative pages left, if anything. Put the merged location page and any extraneous redirects up on A/SD and move on.

While most people aim at taking these on suburb by suburb, I've found that demerging by location type involves fewer variables. I recommend you find or create a page (like I did here) to store some of the common coding, as this can get extremely repetitive.

Good luck! You'll need it. --~ Red Hawk One Talk | space for lease 23:08, 13 March 2010 (UTC)

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