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Towards an Objective System of the Most Strategic Places in Malton

To qualify as a Most Strategic Place, it must have the following buildings. All such buildings must be accessible within five (5) blocks of all other such buildings by free running.

  • A NecroTech Building
  • A Hospital and/or Mall*
  • A Police Department and/or Mall*
    • Note that a Mall can only replace one of the two
  • An Auto Repair Shop and a Factory (preferred); or Two Factories (dispreferred); or a Power Station

NW Sector

  • In Dunell Hills, Dury NT, Zephyrinus Gen. (& the hospitals to the south), Broadbelt PD, Billet AR & the factory SW of Dury.
    • Very compact, but unfortunately in nearly-always-ruined Dunell Hills.
  • In Owsleybank/Grigg Heights/Molebank, Challes NT, St Seraphim's, Stockley PD, & the factories NW of Challes.
    • No AR; slightly spread out. The Curme NT is also nearby.
  • In East Becktown, Daubeney NT, Loney Row PD, Bennet AR & the adjacent factory, and several hospitals.
    • Daubeney is home to the permanent zed group the Daubeney Resident Zambahz. There are other NTs a couple blocks northwards in East Becktown.
  • In Chudleyton, Harraway NT, St. Luke's, Kenefie PD, Roadnight AR & the factory NW of it.
    • Very spread out, and only barely qualifies.
  • In Eastonwood, the Tryme and Nettleton NTs, St. Simon's and St. Anselm's, Pooll PD, Elers AR and the factory to the south.
    • Relatively compact. Several TRPs lie just out of range, including Stonnard & Harold NT and Felix General.
  • In Shuttlebank, Marfell NT, Fabian Gen., Besly PD, and the factories to the east and west technically qualify.
    • The two factories are nice, but don't quite make up for the lack of an AR.
  • Bale Mall qualifies, with the Style NT, St. Matthew's, Cassell AR and the factory to the SE.
    • No PD, but a mall; Southall Mansion area is closeby.
  • In East Boundwood and Lamport Hills, the area around Southall Mansion, including Sheppard NT, Martha Gen., Rolls & Moorhouse PDs, Ainslie AR, and several factories.
    • Southall Mansion is a noted target. Bale Mall is reasonably close.

Nearly Qualifies

  • Much of the area, especially in the northern tier, is severely lacking in factories, and therefore generator production. These areas are sometimes easy to maintain, but hard to reclaim once zombies have moved through.
  • In Roywood, Gilesi NT, Monica Gen., Gerrard PD, Esgar AR & the factories west of Gilesi. Slightly too spread out.
  • In Peddlesden Village, an area around Bascombe NT; Edmund Gen. is not connected by free running.
  • In Molebank/Owsleybank, the Pankhurst NT and west/south of it. Crappy free-running lanes.
  • In West Becktown, the Flowar NT area. Very compact, but lacks an AR and only one factory.
  • East Molebank has several NTs, but poorly positioned factories and PDs.
  • Caiger Mall and the area to its immediate south-east, through Latrobe and Kening to the factory, lacks both a hospital and a PD, and is thus doubly-reliant on Caiger.
  • Calvert Mall has no NT sufficiently close.
  • Southwest Yagoton, despite having a number of TRPs, is too spread out to qualify.

NE Sector

  • In Lamport Hills, Lambley NT, St. Dionysius's, Grimstead and/or Powlett PDs, Tozer & Counsell ARs, the factory E of St. Dio's.
  • In Millen Hills & southern Lamport, Saint & Jeffrey NTs, St. Dionysius's, Powlett, Retallick & Doe PDs, Restrick AR & various factories.
    • These two overlap significantly, and work well together, with sufficient free-running lanes between. The southerly one especially has two NTs, plus the Muller NT closeby.
  • In Shearbank, Turner & Nisbet NTs, Josaphat General, Borrer PD, Abrahall AR & the factory in the middle of those.
    • Compact. Stickling Mall is very closeby.
  • In Earletown & Rhodenbank, Wortley NT, several hospitals, Hindmarsh PD, Pullinger AR & factory 76,4.
    • Spread out, and the several hospitals aren't balanced by the lack of other support TRPs nearby.
  • In Rhodenbank, Devonshire NT, St. Mark's, Billinghurst PD, multiple factories.
    • Free-running awkward and no AR.
  • In Dulston, Trood & Beale NTs, Anne General, Spicer & Midelton PDs, Nott AR & the factory.
    • Moderately compact. Unfortunate position in the corner limits access & makes it vulnerable to zombie attack.
  • In Dulston and Pescodside, Treweeke Mall, Whitlock & Waish NTs, Pegrum PD, Tanner AR & factory NW of the mall.
    • No official hospital, but several nearby, and several other NTs just over the border in Rhodenbank. Dulston is a zombie hotspot, however.
  • In Pescodside & Rolt Heights, Clewett NT, St. Ninian's & St. Herman's, Schreiber PD, Lovell AR & factory.
    • Very compact. Major support center for the BAR.
  • In Gibsonton & Rolt Heights, Patterson NT, Silverius Gen & St. Arnold's, Ayliffe & Rawkins PD, Morgane AR & the factory next to Silverius.
    • Reasonably compact. Several backup TRPs nearby.
  • In Heytown, Usher NT, Cornelius Gen, Goldney PD, Nuttycombe & Wolfe ARs, factory 2W of Usher.
    • Compact and has numerous non-TRP buffer buildings, but little by way of nearby backup.
  • In Pitneybank, Giddings Mall, Morrish NT, Halberry PD & the factory south of it, multiple ARs.
    • No factory but a mall; a few backup TRPs of other types (PD & NT).
  • In Peppardville, Maine NT, St. Paschal's, Marshment PD, Purchas AR and the factory south of St. Paschal's.
    • Spread out, easily cut off from elsewhere by free-running lanes.

Nearly Qualifies

  • In Shearbank/Millen Hills, Stickling Mall, Whippey (and Hawksley) NT, Edmund General, several PDs. The lack of a convenient AR (Abrahall, the nearest, is awkwardly located by free running, and Upham is far from the other TRPs) makes this one difficult.
  • Huntley Heights/Raines Hills/Chancelwood have a number of NTs without convenient other TRPs — lack of PD/Hospital in the south, lack of AR/factory in the north.
  • In Pashenton, Woolvey NT, Bagehot PD & adjacent. Extremely compact, but killed by the total lack of a nearby hospital.
  • In Santlerville, Dowdney Mall, Dewes NT, Sixtus Gen, Chaffey Alley PD. Awkward free-running to ARs and the total lack of factories kills this one.
  • The "east coast" (Dunning, Paynter, Starling) has some NTs but a dearth of hospitals & PDs.
  • Fort Creedy is awkward due to the fort-induced chokepoint, plus it is a major zombie target.

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