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This is Bob Moncrief's page to store Timeline information from before the outbreak that he comes across in filling out Project Timeline.

Pre-Founding of Malton

  • ca. 200 B.C.: According to legend, a tribe led by Barh occupies Marbháin, modern-day Barrville.
  • 45: The area of Malton (then called Caswill is conquered by the Roman emperor Vespasian.
  • 1692: The Massacre of Glen Kevan occurs north of modern-day Malton.
  • 1815: Amos Abot is appointed Lord Mayor of Malton.

1820 to 1911

  • 1820: The city of Malton is founded from several small towns in the area.
  • 1823: Amos Abot, Lord Mayor of Malton, dies in office.
  • 1848: William Axworthy invents a steam-powered tree-feller.
  • 1903: The original Power Towers is constructed. It burns down in 1912.

1912 to 1950

  • 1922: Ridleybank is incorporated.
  • 1922: After a failed attempt to rename it Alnerville, the suburb of Pegrum is renamed Roachtown. On this occasion, Peter Alner is created the first Viscount of Alner.

1950 to 2000

  • Summer 1976: Nichols Mall is closed due to severe damage from a storm.
  • 1988: Malton Electronography and Longman Electric merge to form Malton Electric.
  • 1994: Necro-Tech acquires the bankrupt cryonics firm CryoLogistics.
  • 1997: Riversong radio station's first broadcast

2000 to 2005

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